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GBI raids Columbus DFCS over allegedly falsified documents


Sept. 5, 2012 State and federal agents seized documents and planned two arrests today in an investigation of alleged falsification and alteration of child-abuse intake reports.

Felony warrants were issued for the arrest of Deborah Cobb, who used to run the Division of Family and Children Services’ Muscogee County office, and intake supervisor Phyllis Mitchell. Investigators are trying to determine whether reports were falsified to make it appear Georgia was opening abuse cases more quickly so DFCS could qualify for millions of federal dollars that had been withheld.

From the GBI’s news release:

Today Special Agents with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Office of the Inspector General (OIG), and deputies with the Muscogee County Sheriff’s office served a search warrant at the Muscogee County Offices of the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS).  Agents will also execute arrest warrants for Muscogee DFCS Intake Supervisor Phyllis Mitchell and former Muscogee DFCS Acting Director Deborah Cobb. Cobb served as the acting supervisor for Muscogee County for approximately 1 ½ years.  She currently serves as the Director of Social Services.  Both women are changed with 1 count of violating O.C.G.A. 16-10-20 Making false statements and writings, concealment of facts, and fraudulent documents in matters within jurisdiction of state or political subdivisions and O.C.G.A. 16-10-72 Subornation of false swearing.


District Attorney Julia Slater requested GBI assistance on August 15, 2012 after learning of an active investigation being conducted by DHHS-OIG investigators.  District Attorney Slater was notified after information was developed indicating supervisors at the Muscogee County DFCS Child Protective Services office were alleged to have destroyed, delayed, changed and falsified the intake of child abuse reports in order to maintain compliance with internal DFCS guidelines regarding the evaluation and response to allegations of child maltreatment. 

A number of federal grant programs administered by the DHHS use information provided by Georgia DFCS to determine Georgia’s compliance with federal requirements.  One requirement is the timeliness of initiating child maltreatment investigations.  Georgia DFCS was required to complete a Program Improvement Plan (PIP) for failing to meet federal requirements.  The federal government withheld millions of dollars in grant funding from DFCS as a penalty for failing to meet the PIP requirements.  After completing a second PIP, data submitted by DFCS indicated that the program came back into substantial compliance.  At this point, the funding was released by DHHS.  The investigation focuses on allegations that the data was systematically falsified.   

If true, the falsification of government records is a felony under Georgia law. The September 5th search was performed to locate and gather records stored at the Muscogee County DFCS facility. At the conclusion of the investigation, a case report will be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office for review and any prosecutorial actions deemed appropriate.  The investigation remains active and no further information will be released at this time. 

The following statement was contributed by Derrick Jackson, Special Agent in Charge for the Atlanta Regional Office for DHHS-OIG:

“The US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General takes the welfare of the Nation’s children very seriously, and we are proud to be part of this investigation.  This investigation is an example of how much can be accomplished when Federal and State law enforcement work together.  Through the hard work of our agents and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the most vulnerable children of Muscogee County will be better served and protected.”





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11 Responses to “GBI raids Columbus DFCS over allegedly falsified documents”

  1. sr says:

    ok – hmmmm…. this is very very interesting BUT!!! is there something more to this than what meets the eye… the skepticism here is: IS THIS REALLY TRUE AND LEGIT or is because it’s true but it’s being used to cover up ALL OF THE OTHER WRONG DOING and the MAKE THE STATE OF GEORGIA LOOK LIKE (WHAT IT REALLY ISN’T) IT IS CARING ABOUT THE CORRUPTION BEHIND THIS DFCS DHS ETC… BULL – MESS; i mean if the powers that be ignore MANY MANY PEOPLE here lately within say the past 5 years and the past 2 years of this type of misconduct and worse WHAT DOES THIS REALLY REALLY MEAN? this stuff is really going on people but WORSE here in GA and across the USA… MR WALLS – HELP US OUT – PLEASE….

  2. D L. Brown says:

    I’m so glad to hear that finally someone is getting what they have coming. My only question is who can I get to help me prove that CPS, with-in this last year, went back 20 years ago, and changed the reports in my record. They have, since the brutal murder of my son, by the very people I told them I was trying to protect him from, changed a report to what is now being called “subsantiated child abuse”, when before it was a closed case and my court records show that they testified that they were NOT concerned with abuse. This has caused my son’s daughter to be kept by CPS and in foster care, instead of being placed in my custody. How do I fight a falsified record, since he is no longer alive to testify that they indeed changed a large portion of what he said. There was misconduct in the case on many occasions, including the false testimony of my case worker to the court regarding a conversation between her and my lawyer. Which he made clear to the Judge, that her testimony was filled with “blatant” lies and mis-representation of the facts and the chronilogical order in which things took place. All of this is over a 2 inch scratch, that didn’t even break the skin enough to cause any blood to appear at the “wound”. They know I live on Social Security and are telling me that since the case is closed, they don’t have to provide me with a lawyer. So my record now shows that I’m a child abuser and there is nothing I can do to change it. It’s just not right. I really feel that they crossed a line, and should pay for what is clearly a crime, the falsification of records from a closed case. They keep telling me that I don’t have any legal recourse against them, but it seems to me like I should at least get a fair hearing. Although we have now pursed other avenues and she will soon be out of their custody, I feel that this last year, they kept her for unknown reasons, not sure if money had anything to do with it, but I do know, that she should have been placed with me, as her biological grandmother. I paid alot of money to get DNA testing done, to prove she was his child , since he was deceased at the time of her birth, and it took 7 years to prove that she indeed was my granddaugher. Like I said before, after I could prove she was my grand-daughter, they then went back and changed the records. I need someone to help. I believe that her time in foster care has caused her mental anguish, and made her question, why we didn’t love her, since she wasn’t told the truth as to why we weren’t allowed to see her. Please Help.

  3. TNJustice says:

    Blount Co., Anderson County, Knox. Co., TN case workers do this on a daily basis – falsify records, provide false testimony, cause the arrest knowingly innocent parents, fabricate stories to police in order to impede, remove children from loving homes, etc. in order to control the direction of an investigation for their own hidden illegal agendas. They do this, often colluding with attorneys, on the government/tax payer’s dime with absolutely no remorse. When will they be stopped is the million dollar question.

  4. Concerned citizen of the children says:

    TNjustice said it right, but add Henry Co. TN to the mix and you will be surprised what you will find, it could be the worlds biggest fish fry with hush puppies added.

  5. duane says:

    This is a nationwide problem. Please join us on Lawless America where people are banding together to fight judicial corruption and make demanding change in our injustice system.

    Bill Windsor of Georgia is traveling to all 50 states, intervewing and filming victims of this out of control Family Law Courts, CPS, etc. They are telling horror stories of the heartache and pain caused by these people. This is the best chance we have to make change and stop this insanity once and for all. It has gone on far too long.

  6. Meloney Martin says:

    I believe this is also going on in Bartow county as well. I also believe it has happen to my family.
    My grandchildren has been took from our family, because in Juvinile court you do not have to have proff beyound a shadow of doubt like all other courts.We have a web sight called with our story along with a video of Sen Nancy Schafer who has decovered what was going on in the whole state of Georgia with defacs.and our children. We also have a pettion you can sign so we can try and save children from being ripped from loving familysTthey say they protect children from abuse when they are mentally abuseing our children.Mental abuse will haunt them for the rest of their lifes. Please read our story.

  7. Mary Beth says:

    Add Habersham County. When my ex-husband was facing a child support hearing, he put the kids into foster care after his sister picked up the kids for a visit with his family. The social worker lied to the judge and said my son had bruises on his back. I got a copy of the intake report months later which included a doctor’s statement that my son had no bruises. I tried to get this statement to the judge and was told by his secretary it would cost me $500.00 in filing fees to have the case reopened. I went to the Public Defenders office and asked to talk to the lawyer who mangled my case. I was told the case was closed and to GO AWAY. My kids were in foster care for over a month held in a house in which they were locked into a room and let out only for meals. DFACS refused to take a complaint from the kids on this, the case worker said she knew the foster mother to be a good woman who wouldn’t do that. My ex charms a case worker into helping him try to get custody so he can avoid jail, I’m on a child abuse registry or was until the kids turned 18. The kids are tramatized. MY CALM LIFE IS MADE INTO A NIGHTMARE, INCLUDING BEING ARRESTED AND PUT INTO A CELL. And the federal gov’t cuts a fat check to the Habersham DFACS for their trouble. It’s been 16 years and the fear, anger and bittterness are still there. I still want justice.

  8. Pie MAN says:

    Bill Windsor of Lawless America is a Con Artist and is shaking down people for money .

  9. Pie MAN says:

    he live at 2432 BELLE AIR CIRCLE in Atlantic Georgia, go ask him yourself, but becareful he is a little gun crazy

  10. mordaci one says:

    I live in Lamar county I have A CPS case. i waited for the letter. case opened September 21,2015. i was told from the investigator on October 08, 2015 that my case was closed and substantiated. well , on October 13,2015 I was told by the case manager supervisor Karen Smith that the case was not closed and had not been staffed.ok, so i called every week about the letter from that point on. on November 16,2015 i wen to the DFACS office Ulanda Barkley took me to the back and i asked her about the letter. well, they brought me a copy of the letter that was dated OCTOBER11, 2015 but it was never mailed out to me. The CPS investigated made sure that she told the case managers from Meritan and Roberta that the case was closed. so it has been 10 business days and i have not herd about my appeal. oh, the supervisor karen smith is no longer a supervisor. im trying to figure out do i need a lawyer it seems like they are playing games.

  11. Mike says:

    GBI needs to investigate Catoosa County Department of Family and children service’s. They are corrupt and as evil as they come. They lied in court. They took children without justification. And I can prove everything. Lisa Boatman is nasty as they come. If anyone is Guilty of Child abuse it’s her. But GBI will just let it go because it’s to much money for the budget. Lisa boatman and a woman named Rebecca kept saying in court to the judge. And I quote. Judge you know we need the funding. Not to mention the judge kept falling asleep during proceedings. Is this what my tax dollars pay for? Absolute corruption and making things appear to be somthing it’s not. True story. Just happened 1/2018.