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House Dem leader reports some, not all, undisclosed donations



July 29, 2012 — Rep. Rashad Taylor, deputy whip for the House Democratic Caucus, filed the first financial disclosure for his 2012 campaign at 9 p.m. last night, three weeks after it was due. (We know this because we peruse the online log of the latest filings at the state ethics commission.)

The filing included $9,100 in previously undisclosed donations received since April, but he still hasn’t accounted for more than $15,000 that other candidates and political committees say they’ve given him since 2009.

Taylor’s latest report corrects the details of contributions received from Sen. Vincent Fort that appeared to exceed Georgia’s $2,500-per-election limit for legislative campaigns. Fort reported $4,000 in donations to Taylor were for this week’s primary. Taylor, though, reported collecting $2,500 from Fort for the primary and $2,500 more for the general election in November, which would fall within the cap.

So that clears that up — except for the $1,000 discrepancy. But close enough, we suppose.

The details are in Taylor’s Transparency Project profile, which we posted last week. That post apparently prompted him to file a disclosure of his personal finances Thursday, six weeks after it the statutory deadline.

Taylor has not responded to voice and email messages seeking comment.






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