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Delta Air Lines: $30 million


Delta Air Lines posted third-quarter profit of $549 million today, thanks to fare increases and strong corporate travel, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

So why exactly did Delta need a $15 million-a-year exemption from sales taxes on jet fuel? You’ll have to ask the Georgia General Assembly, which earlier this year extended Delta’s exemption on fuel taxes for the next two years.

“When you’ve got the largest private employer in the state of Georgia, we need to do what we can to say that we appreciate them doing business here,” Rep. Jay Roberts (R-Ocilla), the bill sponsor, said at the time.

Georgia has plenty of other potential uses for the money. Just last week, Labor Commissioner Mark Butler proposed cutting back unemployment benefits to help replenish that fund, which ran dry after Georgia stopped collecting contributions from the state’s employers in 1999.





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