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Sam Williams, Metro Atlanta Chamber prez: $841,602


Sam Williams


Fellow travelers Vincent Fort and Jim Wooten are among those who think Sam Williams, president of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, needs to resign over the chamber’s complicity in covering up the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal.

If he does, Williams will leave behind an annual pay package nearing 7 figures.

Williams collected total compensation of $841,602 in the year ending in February 2010, tax records show. Salary raises and bonuses bumped up his annual pay by an average of about $47,500 in the four previous years; comparable raises since then (if he received them) would put his current annual compensation around $930,000.

Reliable information on Williams’ current pay is not publicly available since the chamber does not have to report its income and spending to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. But that’s not the case for the non-profit Peach Bowl Inc., which pays the chamber to help run the annual Chick-Fil-A Bowl college football game and which must report his compensation as an officer of both organizations.

Williams helped to orchestrate a blue-ribbon commission’s lackluster investigation of APS cheating that minimized the scope of the problem, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in August 2010. Investigators commissioned by Gov. Sonny Perdue said last week that business leaders had tried to protect the school district’s image against reports of cheating; they noted an e-mail by chamber vice president Renay Blumenthal had outlined a way to “finesse” the blue-ribbon report past the governor to deflect further inquiries.

Williams’ total compensation, based on Peach Bowl records:

FY 2005 — $651,046

FY 2006 — $697,573

FY 2007 — $734,389

FY 2008 — $859,099

FY 2009 — $841,602

FY 2010 — ???

FY 2011 — ???





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3 Responses to “Sam Williams, Metro Atlanta Chamber prez: $841,602”

  1. Lynnbo says:

    There is low life and then their is people who are so horrific that the do not even rate……………….this is the poster child for greed and disgusting!

  2. I have filed with IRS a Whistle blower case against the Atlanta Cvb . I will now file one against the Chamber. The abuse is nationwide . My IRS case is largest in USA history with over 50 of the biggest USA cities turned in . I have just recently filed a lawsuit against the Hilton Head Bluffton Chamber for refusing Foia then can not do this using public monies . We will challenge this in the Supreme Court of SC if need be .
    Note the biggest abuser and insanity of all is President of US Chamber Tom Donahue at 4.7 m plus limo and jet along with God only knows how much travel expenses and other perks . My cell is 843-384-7260 read most on

  3. Sam williams and his entire board need to be terminated and start from scratch . An independent forencic audit should be conducted immediately on this chamber and its operations . Same for the Atlanta CVB . We are all being robbed and abused by these organizations . A Forencic audit and federal investigation will in my opinion reveal 100% abuse , waste and violations and like other independent forencic audits of other chambers and CVBs in America could result in prison terms for some.Appointed Buddy board needs to be a true elected board . Clear mission and bylaws adhered to . Stop all and any violations to IRS 501-c6 non profit tax codes and any UBIT violations . I highly suggest all local media submit a GA FOIA request to the Atlanta CVb to see how much advertising they are selling in unfair competition against local media for local ads depleting local ad budgets denying local
    Media those ad sales . Chamber financials need deep investigation to identify all and any forms of abuse . IRS form 990 which everyone can order does not show many forms of abuse this will only come from a Foia request and demand for a true independent audit not their independent audit they hired to be done . It must be an outside forencic audit . This audit will only cost our officials who hand them Millions about 30-40k . The days of no transparency , no accountability and no true documented performance measures must end !!!