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May 11

May 11, 2011 --

Cancer-causing poison in metro water supply Legislative session’s over, but lobbying continues Panel says Catoosa judge should go DeKalb owed tens of millions in unpaid fees, fines Lawsuit: Mayor had truck towed for campaign sticker

May 10

May 10, 2011 --

State can’t prove jobs were created with stimulus Federal dollars given to tax deadbeats Ga. farmers, lawmakers feel pesticide regs ‘burdensome’ Judge allows Muslim head covering in court

May 9

May 9, 2011 --

DeKalb superintendent search foiled by lack of job security Ga. lawmakers owe $11K in late filing fees

May 8

May 9, 2011 --

Flawed Fulton assessment notices show taxes skyrocketing State-level Ga. politics cost $88M+ in 2010 Nearly 50 legislators owe Ga. money

May 7

May 7, 2011 --

Reservoir lobbyist’s memo blasts proposed Lanier study Feds investigating Alpharetta mosque decision Opinion: Secrecy still ‘Job 1’ for Cobb school board

May 6

May 6, 2011 --

Ga. Natl Guard officer out amid questionable bonuses Price-gouging laws not in effect after tornadoes Cobb overspending for public defenders Olens: Sunshine violations widespread Lawyer: Court bars man in Muslim attire Cities focus on police audits in suit with Fulton Co. AG asked to probe East Point board

Did Univ of W.Ga. fire fund-raiser for complaints about gouging donors?

Did Univ of W.Ga. fire fund-raiser for complaints about gouging donors?
May 6, 2011 --

The University of West Georgia may have broken whistleblower protection and open records laws, as well as state purchasing rules, a state investigation suggests. James Naughton thinks so too. He’s filed suit alleging his boss, Michael Ruffner, fired him for questioning the unauthorized hiring of a Washington lobbyist and misleading the school’s foundation in order to jack up fees charged to donors.

May 5

May 5, 2011 --

APD major claims retirement was forced Smyrna gun shop loses another round in legal fight with NY Twiggs Co. administrator resigns after investigation

May 4

May 4, 2011 --

Ga. fuel plant sits idle, millions in tax $$ at risk Insiders profit at bankrupt Ga. ethanol plan Judge gives Fulton Co. ultimatum on jail

Ethics panel braces for suit over failing to enforce law

Ethics panel braces for suit over failing to enforce law
May 4, 2011 --

Washington avoided a government shutdown last month, but ethics enforcers in Georgia soon will face the prospect of shutting down their key function — enforcing ethics laws. In fact, members of the State Campaign Finance Commission are already planning their legal defense in case someone sues them for failing to do their job.

May 3

May 3, 2011 --

Fishing museum costing millions amid state budget cuts GBI found porn on computer of Twiggs Co. administrator

May 2

May 2, 2011 --

Gwinnett schools paid inflated price for land