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May 6


One Response to “May 6”

  1. GTP says:

    We find it of strong interest that Olens professes to want to “strengthen Sunshine laws” when he defends those who are in direct violation – the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. They are in such serious violation that Olens’s office had the facts in a current Georgia Whistleblower Protection Act case in Fulton County Superior Court (filed by our former colleague who was in the system for 15 years and witnessed them firsthand) sealed so that even you, Jim, cannot read them. Many of the more serious allegations have alot to do with private meetings. The Board of Regents is funded by state funds! When is someone going to ask Olens pointblank why the Protective Order to keep the alledged facts hidden? As one AJC reporter stated to us, “they must have alot to hide.” They do. Obviously, Olens now feels the same.
    And while you are asking Olens, ask him how much of our tax dollars has been spent paying him to defend the Board of Regents in this case and the increasing others filed in the last few years – another one just last week!