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Ex-judge under scrutiny for possibly intervening in child support case



DeKalb County State Court Judge Barbara J. Mobley, who resigned effective today, allegedly misused her power to help herself, her church and a male companion, investigators said today.

Questions about Mobley’s excessive travel and possible misuse of state crime computers had been previously reported.

Court filings today include an allegation that Mobley intervened in a child support case so a male companion could go with her on an overseas trip. In papers filed with the Georgia Supreme Court, the Judicial Qualifications Commission said it had been investigating whether Mobley:

“Invok[ed] judicial status in an effort to advance the private interests of a male companion and influence a government agency regarding a child support arrearage matter pending before the child support recovery office which, as a result, was causing an administrative hold on the companion’s application for an international trip with the judge.”

No other details were disclosed. The JQC wrapped up its investigation — without any finding of guilt — by allowing Mobley to resign and agree not to seek judicial office again. DeKalb DA Robert James says he is continuing an inquiry into at least one of the charges.

According to court papers, the JQC also had been investigating whether Mobley:

  • Used a law clerk to represent her interests in civil litigation,
  • Used probationers to work at her church and in her election campaign,
  • Kept a travel schedule that led to “excessive delays and inexcusable neglect of matters pending before the court,”
  • Bought a church choir robe with government funds, and
  • Ordered the use of Georgia Crime Information Center databases for non-law enforcement purposes.

Mobley was elected to State Court in 2004, after serving for 10 years in the Georgia House of Representatives.





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One Response to “Ex-judge under scrutiny for possibly intervening in child support case”

  1. Patt Gunn says:

    It was my child support case that this judge compromised for her personal ‘ pleasure’. What a disgrace to my children – the use of power to waive the law that was specifically put in place to prevent ‘deadbeat’ fathers!
    There’s a ‘name plate in hell’ awaiting the ‘companion’and this disbarred judge.
    Thank U DA’s office – the scales of justice prevailed!