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March 7

March 7, 2010 --

Ignored advice still costs GA millions ATL schools’ objectivity in test-cheating probe questioned Large SCLC faction calls for leaders in criminal probe to resign Ethics code for schools up for vote

March 6

March 6, 2010 --

State limits access to tests in cheating probe Failed Habersham bank accused of fraud Augusta delegation questions Medical College expansion Marietta judge charged in teen drinking party Judge denies Macon councilwoman’s appeal in ethics case

March 5

March 5, 2010 --

MARTA: More than half of escalators need repairing

March 4

March 4, 2010 --

ATL Public Schools missing computers, electronics & supplies Judge testifies in indigent defendant’s class-action lawsuit EPA to state: Yard-waste-in-landfills bill is bad idea Panel announced to oversee Atlanta test cheating probe Macon councilwoman files appeal in ethics case

March 3

March 3, 2010 --

Residents sue Atlanta over ‘illegal’ pension changes Coca-Cola faces new violence claims in Guatemala Fla. convicts told to apply for nursing jobs in GA SEC puts Synovus under informal inquiry Board: Ex-Milton official violated ethics code SCLC board to consider removing member Saturday DeKalb school board toughening ethics policy?

March 2

March 2, 2010 --

Ex-Clayton DA let statute lapse on hundreds of cases Strict immigration law lacks ‘teeth’ Deal’s resignation quashes ethics investigation North Georgia judge to hear public defenders case Woman jailed for asking ‘why’ sues APD, officers Fulton DA opens probe into top SCLC officials ATL school board to pick CRCT oversight panel

High court: Sovereign immunity doesn’t protect state in teen’s death

March 1, 2010 --

Georgia’s Supreme Court has ruled that a Thomas County woman may proceed with a lawsuit alleging negligence in her 18-year-old son’s death at a state-run mental health and drug addiction center. The decision, which extends the definition of a state employee to include a contract worker, has broader implications as governments continue to downsize and outsource functions to private contractors.

March 1

March 1, 2010 --

City of blight: Recovery barely in sight for neighborhoods devastated by foreclosures GBI backlog: Overdoses extend survivors’ wait for death certificate Non-profit weatherizing agency operating without license

It can be hard for public to find candidate’s financial info

March 1, 2010 --

Since 2001, Georgia has asked local political candidates who raise $10,000 or more to disclose the details — who gave it to you, how much, how you spent it — by “electronic means.” So what exactly does that mean? It definitely does not mean making it easy for the public to find them. Check out my Ethics Watch column for this week in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

18 officers subpoenaed to testify in Eagle Bar raid

18 officers subpoenaed to testify in Eagle Bar raid
March 1, 2010 --

An Atlanta City Council committee today subpoenaed 18 police officers to talk to citizen overseers looking into the department’s Sept. 10 raid on the Atlanta Eagle gay bar. Members of the Citizen Review Board had said they could no longer do their jobs effectively if they could not get police cooperation. “If these subpoenas are not issued, that means we’re done,” vice chairman Seth Kirschenbaum told the committee. “Our business is over.”