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Nov. 28

November 28, 2010 --

Where Atlanta’s thirst may clash with endangered fish Day care for disabled kids hard to find in midstate

Nov. 27

November 27, 2010 --

41 Augusta-area bridges are defective Chatboard CEO angry over Polk Co. sheriff’s subpoenas Evermore CID recall petition to be presented

Nov. 26

November 26, 2010 --

Oxendine challenged over small-loan licenses Clark Atlanta defends $1M presidential payout Augusta VA hospital suspends elective surgeries

Nov. 25

November 25, 2010 --

SBA settles race discrimination claim with ATL firm Is Fulton jail monitor worth cost? Carrollton loses court appeal over open records request

Nov. 24

November 24, 2010 --

Suit accuses DeKalb judicial candidate of Ponzi scheme ATL school board members settle lawsuit Court says interpreter necessary, overturns conviction Morrow City Council expels member Absentee ballot fraud alleged in McIntosh County

Nov. 23

November 23, 2010 --

State budget hijacks dedicated user fees DeKalb schools move construction suit to federal court State officials broaden CRCT investigation

Nov. 22

November 22, 2010 --

Ga. bankrolls unemployment benefits with fed loans Ga. Supreme Court: DeKalb overcharged homeowner Tiny town’s mayor indicted for credit card fraud

Nov. 21

November 22, 2010 --

Perdue staffers land new state jobs, climb pay scale Georgia low on list for illegal immigrant ID check Deal transition team full of lobbyists Ships cited for endangering whales near Savannah AJC files complaint over school cheating scandal

Nov. 20

November 22, 2010 --

ATL superintendent to step down Cost mounting in CRCT investigation DeKalb court building identified as security risk East Point mayor faces ethics charge Ex-Columbus Parks & Rec staff says firing was retaliation Augusta Chronicle to sue for 911 tapes

Powerless Ethics Commission looks to lawmakers

Powerless Ethics Commission looks to lawmakers
November 22, 2010 --

Enforcers of Georgia’s ethics laws are stuck in limbo, if not outright paralysis — a legacy of the Glenn Richardson years at the state Legislature. They’re wondering whether new leadership under the Gold Dome cares enough to set things right. In 2009, on Richardson’s watch, the Georgia House pushed through language stripping the State Ethics Commission of its rule-making power. Now the panel needs to adopt new rules to carry out subsequent legislative changes to ethics laws. But, says executive secretary Stacey Kalberman said, “It appears that we don’t have authority to do anything.”