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Ga.’s earmark king seeks chair of House Appropriations

Ga.'s earmark king seeks chair of House Appropriations
November 20, 2010 --

U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston championed more earmark spending last year than any other Georgia congressman. Now he’s running to lead the House Appropriations Committee. Kingston touted his anti-earmark credentials Friday in announcing his bid for Appropriations chair. Data shows he sponsored or co-sponsored $211 million in earmarks since 2008.

Nov. 19

November 19, 2010 --

Federal judge pleads guilty to drug charge Deal to put assets in trust Attorney general getting case against former Twiggs sheriff, son Ethics complaint, e-mail snafu in Supreme Court race Ga. ranks 43rd in smoking-prevention funding

Ga. Public Health let $12M go uncollected from insurers

November 19, 2010 --

Georgia didn’t collect at least $12 million from three insurers for vaccines for children insured in government health programs, Georgia Health News reports. Peach State Health Plan, WellCare and Amerigroup accumulated the debts between January 2007 and early to mid-2009 and still owed the money as recently as two months ago. The debts accrued as […]

‘Unacceptable deference to … authority’ fueled MARTA P-card abuse

'Unacceptable deference to ... authority' fueled MARTA P-card abuse
November 19, 2010 --

A “complete failure” of internal controls allowed a top MARTA aide to charge several thousand dollars of personal expenses to the transit agency, auditors reported Thursday. The aide, the executive assistant to general manager Beverly Scott, was fired in August. Auditors blamed, in part, “an unacceptable deference to positions of authority” for the long delay in detecting the problem.

Nov. 18

November 18, 2010 --

Highly paid PSC officials not showing up at the office Superintendent: Inequities at DeKalb schools Chattooga County lawmaker fined to settle voting investigation Kenerly will keep pay despite suspension

Nov. 17

November 17, 2010 --

Ethics complaints filed against Perdue Indicted Gwinnett commissioner steps aside Nahmias campaign acknowledges campaign e-mail error South Ga. NAACP branch officers removed

Lobbyists’ clients 3-for-3 in landing Deal earmarks

Lobbyists' clients 3-for-3 in landing Deal earmarks
November 17, 2010 --

Gov.-elect Nathan Deal put his name on three earmarks in his last year in Congress, funneling $2.1 million in federal money to three Georgia recipients. All three are represented by lobbyists Rob Leebern and/or Joe Tanner, who are now serving on his newly-appointed transition team. Those clients are among more than 130 represented by lobbyists serving on Deal’s transition and inaugural efforts. Health-care and financial-services interests dominate those client lists.

Nov. 16

November 16, 2010 --

Memo reveals concerns about EPD’s response to Athens chemical fire Retiring college president worth $1 million? Outgoing ag commissioner gives raises to dozens of employees DeKalb voters may get to reduce size of school board

Walter Broadnax, ex-Clark Atlanta U. president: $1,149,666

Walter Broadnax, ex-Clark Atlanta U. president: $1,149,666
November 16, 2010 --

Walter Broadnax more than doubled his compensation in 2009, making him the best-paid university president in Georgia and one of 30 nationally to top $1 million at private schools. That total reportedly includes an undetermined amount of retirement and bonus pay.

Nov. 15

November 15, 2010 --

72 educators face possible sanctions in CRCT investigations

‘Transparency’: Lawmaker’s $40K consulting deal undisclosed

'Transparency': Lawmaker's $40K consulting deal undisclosed
November 15, 2010 --

A powerful Cobb County legislator collected $40,000 last year to do research to help an advocacy group decide the best way to ask the Legislature for money. Rep. Earl Ehrhart and his client, Friends of Arts & Culture, say he did not help to write a bill that would have allowed local votes on arts funding, nor did he help move it through the Legislature. “I never consult on any type of legislation that’s going on here,” he said. Ehrhart did not disclose his client or his fee, which state law does not require. Nor did he disclose the name of his consulting business, which the law does require. This is what passes for transparency in the Georgia Legislature. UPDATE: An ethics complaint regarding this transaction was filed this week with the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee.