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Aug. 29

August 29, 2010 --

‘Lite’ investigation of ATL test cheating Ex-Cartersville mayoral candidate arrested by U.S. marshals Fired teacher ready to move beyond lawsuit

Aug. 28

August 28, 2010 --

Ga. communities lack funding for illegal immigrants MARTA CEO’s assistant fired Ex-Cherokee Co. school official accused of stealing

Ethics Commission gains a member, loses 2 others

Ethics Commission gains a member, loses 2 others
August 27, 2010 --

Bill Jordan and Kent Alexander are out and Kevin Abernethy is in as a member of the State Ethics Commission. Abernethy, a former legislative aide in the Georgia Senate, was named as that chamber’s replacement for Jordan, whose term had expired. Alexander, a former U.S. attorney, announced last week that he would step down Sept. 7 after less than a year.

Aug. 27

August 27, 2010 --

ATL investigates spiked water bills FBI releases Neal Street case report

HUD: DeKalb housing agency misspent $2.5M

August 26, 2010 --

The DeKalb County Housing Authority misspent $2.5 million in restricted funds intended for low-income housing subsidies, federal auditors said Wednesday. The money was used instead to pay administrative expenses including rental cars, office supplies, office space, worker’s compensation and temps’ salaries, they found. Results of a follow-up forensic audit are expected soon.

Aug. 26

August 26, 2010 --

Ethics officer: Airport erred on DeCosta party ATL’s public school puppet regime Aviation museum: Boondoggle, inspiration or both? Albany housing non-profit welcomes probe 2 ex-officers indicted in Tybee Taser case DeKalb school board candidate disqualified Cobb asked to retain retiring elections chief @ $800/day Hancock Co. commissioner to lose seat after guilty plea

AG asked: Does law limit candidates’ donations to other campaigns?

AG asked: Does law limit candidates' donations to other campaigns?
August 25, 2010 --

Attorney General Thurbert Baker has been asked to opine on whether political campaigns may make unlimited financial contributions to other campaigns. A decision by the State Ethics Commission last week raised the possibility that unopposed candidates with fat campaign accounts could give unlimited amounts to candidates in close races, creating a legal path to circumvent contribution limits.

Aug. 25

August 25, 2010 --

Columbus mayor vows to rebuild Parks & Rec after officials arrested DeKalb official ‘resigned’ with $45K severance Calhoun farmer and congressman’s aide lock horns Confidential files found in City Hall East sale items Councilman challenges new ATL code compliance director Fired Macon State College worker ‘considering options’ after ruling Some good may come from Cherokee Co. […]

Aug. 24

August 24, 2010 --

Judge rejects Troy Davis’ innocence claim Columbus police: $200K+ funneled through Parks & Rec officials’ account Vogtle’s price-inflation provision criticized Lawsuit alleges racial profiling by Cobb police City workers racking up unpaid parking tickets Justice Department OKs Georgia voter verification system ATL tries to fix code enforcement office hit by audit

Aug. 23

August 23, 2010 --

Georgia’s tax structure no longer generates enough to pay for state services Victim’s family angry that hit-run driver still in U.S. Graves set to give deposition Tuesday Operators: State subsidy drives families into low-quality care Warner Robins brothers’ work relationship causes concern

Limits on campaign contributions could be gutted

August 23, 2010 --

Members of the State Ethics Commission are on the brink of gutting a key provision of Georgia’s campaign finance law. Their decision would allow politicians to funnel unlimited amounts of cash to other campaigns despite a law designed to limit contributions. And since most political money flows to the party in power, Republicans would be […]