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Ex-hospital CEO convicted of Medicaid fraud to fund $6M parachute


A former Thomasville hospital executive was convicted of Medicaid fraud on Wednesday, two years after he cashed out with a $6.3 million retirement package.

A federal jury in Valdosta found Ken Beverly, former CEO of Archbold Medical Center, guilty of conspiracy to falsify records; two counts of falsification of records; two counts of witness tampering; and making misleading statements. Williams Sellers, the hospital’s ex-chief financial officer who testified against Beverly, pleaded guilty in 2009 to falsifying records.

Both men received hefty pensions from the hospital, with Beverly collecting $6.3 million in retirement benefits when he walked out the door in 2008.

The feds charged that Beverly and Sellers fabricated records to make it appear Archbold was a publicly operated hospital, thus qualifying for $9 million in additional Medicaid reimbursements.

Large pensions were “first and foremost on their minds,” prosecutor Jim Crane told the jury hearing the case, according to the Thomasville Times-Enterprise. More details are available there and at Georgia Health News.





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One Response to “Ex-hospital CEO convicted of Medicaid fraud to fund $6M parachute”

  1. Moe says:

    What Beverly and Sellers did is happening at every major hospital in Georgia. The Indigent Care Trust Fund is wrought with fraud. The problem is…the State (DCH) is complicit in the dealings because they “skim” a little off of the top.