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Michael Lomax, United Negro College Fund CEO: $1.27 million


Michael Lomax, former Fulton County Commission chairman, has done quite well for himself since leaving town.

The two-time Atlanta mayoral candidate moved to New Orleans in 1997 to become president of Dillard University and then to Washington in 2004 to serve as president and CEO of the United Negro College Fund.

UNCF paid Lomax $1,271,938 last year, according to the non-profit’s most recent filing with the Internal Revenue Service. That sum included base pay of about $354,000, a partial retirement package of $686,000 and another $96,000 toward his next retirement package, which vests in 2012.

“The terms and conditions of Dr. Lomax’ retirement benefits are in keeping with those offered by comparable institutions and are designed to assure his long tenure as an effective leader,” the organization said in a note on its 2010 tax filing.

Tax records show UNCF paid 13 other executives more than $150,000 last year. Of those, three made more than $300,000. The UNCF also paid former CEO William H. Gray III a $150,000 retirement installment last year.

Lomax, 63, received $710,000 in FY2009 and $673,000 the year before that, tax filings show.

He served as chairman of the Fulton County Commission from 1981 through 1993. He ran for mayor of Atlanta in 1993, losing to Bill Campbell, and announced his candidacy in 1989 but dropped out before the election, won by Maynard Jackson.





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5 Responses to “Michael Lomax, United Negro College Fund CEO: $1.27 million”

  1. Dickson says:

    I’ll take a social risk here and suggest that something seems out of balance here with the allocation of these important dollars

  2. Nathaniel Harris says:

    So, as usual, its not about black students, but about how much money these leeches can suck out of the donations that ostensibly are for the financial aid and upkeep of HBCUs. (At least, that’s what I had thought) I went to Tuskeegee and I cannot believe its physical condition. I know now why these guys fall all over themselves trying to get these positions. Just today, I read that many black students at these schools are having to drop out because of new student loan designations. Why is this? Does it always have to be about more and more money?

  3. John Milton Wesley says:

    Ray,as you know Michael was my advisor at Yale the summer we were there. He has the ability to get things done,and alter the environments he enters. Only time will tell how his longterm impact on UNCF will be recorded, however I am curious to know what’s next for him. In the meantime, UNCF survived a logo change,and stayed scandal free.

  4. dirk holger says:

    Doesn’t anybody ask why M.Lomax attended the KOCH brothers retreat in California
    this last weekend? Is he – like ALL others – only interested in “big money”, as “money
    talks” is their sole motto: shame on him and all those billionaires (‘b’, not ‘m’!) who were
    part of this secret, closed-doors – meeting to advance (“no, not individual freedom”) no
    other goal than to enrich themselves even more by defeating the Democrats, who are
    (when in power) for the ‘common man’, including the poor, the minorities, etc….
    “Money is N O T speech” and “Corporations are N O T humans” and the so-called
    ‘supreme court’ is obviously getting paid under the table to fall for these schemes and lies and attacks on everything ‘democratic’…..It is indeed time for (I heard this motto now evermore often): “Storm the gated communities!” There are other weapons available for
    this besides guns, which those super rich carry in their brains….. Unarmed masses (in
    contrast to the Communist Revolution) will rise and revolt and…. The rest is ours. D.H.

  5. E. Magid says:

    The answer to the question raised by Dirk Holger in the prior comment is that

    Mr. Lomax walked away with $25 MILLION from the Kochs at their retreat last weekend !