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Supreme Court runner-up still has $40K to explain


Lawrenceville attorney Tammy Lynn Adkins got 735,000 votes Nov. 2 for a seat on the Georgia Supreme Court without spending a nickel. But she still hasn’t explained what she did with nearly $40,000 from her previous political campaign.

Adkins raised more than $98,000, mostly from fellow lawyers, when she ran for a seat on the Georgia Court of Appeals in 2008. She filed a campaign finance report on Oct. 30 that year, lost the election five days later, and then … nothing.

Her campaign failed to file a campaign finance report in December 2008, the next deadline established by state law, or subsequent reports that would have been due every six months thereafter if she still had cash on hand.

Adkins, who last reported $39,578 in the bank in October 2008, now will have to explain it to the State Ethics Commission. A Nov. 18 complaint filed with the commission noted that Adkins “has never filed a report disclosing what she did with that $40,000.”

The complaint also noted that Adkins failed in 2008 and again this year to file reports of her personal finances — required of every candidate for elected office. Adkins filed her 2010 disclosure on Nov. 18, the same day the complaint was filed.

This year, Adkins reported spending nothing at all — other than her qualifying fee — to get into Tuesday’s runoff with Supreme Court Justice David Nahmias. She lost to Nahmias by a 2-to-1 margin.

Her latest report, filed Tuesday, shows she raised nearly $52,000 in the last few weeks. She spent most of the money on direct-mail advertising.





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