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Walter Broadnax, ex-Clark Atlanta U. president: $1,149,666


Walter Broadnax more than doubled his compensation in 2009, making him the best-paid university president in Georgia and one of 30 nationally to top $1 million at private schools. That total reportedly includes an undetermined amount of retirement and bonus pay.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported Monday that Broadnax was paid $1,149,666 in fiscal year 2008, which ended in June 2009, tax records show. Broadnax retired as of July 31, 2008, apparently working only one month of that fiscal year.

A Clark Atlanta spokeswoman told the Chronicle that the university’s 2008 tax filing had erroneously lumped together Broadnax’s base pay, bonus and retirement and reported the total as his base compensation. She said the report would be amended and submitted to the IRS.

Broadnax’s base pay, as reported to the IRS, was:

  • $341,527 in FY 2006,
  • $355,200 in FY 2007
  • $1,149,666 in 2008.

Carlton E. Brown, who took over as Clark Atlanta’s third president, was paid $297,247 in 2008, tax records show.

Broadnax told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that his final year’s compensation was closer to $800,000 than $1.1 million. That may well be a result of “grossing up” his final paycheck, a common practice intended to jack up a payment enough to cover the income taxes due on a large lump sum.

Regardless, Broadnax’s 2008 total was tops in Georgia. Emory University president Jim Wagner was second with earnings of $1,035,000 that year.

Broadnax’s six-year tenure at Clark Atlanta was marred by controversy and a 2007 faculty vote of no confidence. He is now a professor of public administration at Syracuse University, where he earned his Ph.D. in 1975.





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One Response to “Walter Broadnax, ex-Clark Atlanta U. president: $1,149,666”

  1. Inman Park says:

    Gee, and we all thought Clark had money problems. Silly us.