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Gary Black, agriculture commissioner-elect: $154,000


Georgia’s new agriculture commissioner, Gary Black, reported income of $154,000 in 2009 from his cattle farm in Jackson County and his job at the Georgia Agribusiness Council. He’ll earn about $120,000 as ag commissioner.

Black served for 20 years as president of the Georgia Agribusiness Council, a non-profit advocacy group based in Commerce. He earned about $115,000 from the job in 2008, tax records show.

That paycheck slipped to $90,000 in 2009 when he became vice president of the council, following complaints that the organization was effectively underwriting his candidacy by paying him a full-time salary while he campaigned.





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One Response to “Gary Black, agriculture commissioner-elect: $154,000”

  1. natalia says:

    Mr. Black,

    It is my concern as a gerogia taxpayer that the animal protection division and equine division have been run poorly by the director Mary M. Greene. She is never in the office, does’nt respond to emails or phone calls.

    She has cursed all of her inspectors to the point that she had told one of the employees to get out her “g..d…”office, that she did’nt care if she was on the “m…….f…..” street homeless and nothing to eat. She done this in front of all of her co-workers. She has done this on more than one occasion. She has been out on leave and never turned in leave time for the time off. Ms. Greene’s leave records needs to be investigated. She went to M.D. Anderson for treatment and never turned in leave for this. She was gone for 3 weeks and no leave was recorded. The rental car record also needs to be checked. These vehicles were used for personal use and kept for a perod of time just sitting in the parking lot wasting money for the department. Mary Greene is a poor director and needs to be removed. This is just a highlight of what she has done.