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Amendment 1 not personal, spouses say


Claudia Levitas serves as an officer of a business group pushing to enforce non-compete clauses in Georgia law. Her husband, state Rep. Kevin Levitas, has been pushing a constitutional amendment for years to do just that.

Their relationship has bubbled up into the debate over Amendment 1, which Georgians will either ratify or reject next week at the polls. Critics suggest Levitas (D-Tucker) had a personal motive for proposing the amendment and a companion bill, a notion that he dismisses as “unfounded and ridiculous.” Read on …





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2 Responses to “Amendment 1 not personal, spouses say”

  1. Jack says:

    Lawyers ought not to be allowed in the legislative bodies – all they do is write laws to create billable work for them. Vote NO on amendment number 1!

  2. tom watson says:

    Ha ha, does she have to disclose Christmas presents to him?