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Boxill & subject of $183K fraud probe flew to Rio


Fulton County Commissioner Nancy Boxill and a county employee who was under investigation for fraud attended a professional conference in Rio de Janeiro this year shortly after officials allegedly shelved the inquiry. Boxill and Cheryl Estes, a program manager in the Human Services Department, were among five Fulton County officials at the U.N. World Urban Forum 5 in March. Attorneys allege that county manager Zachary Williams told an internal investigator and her boss shortly before the trip to suspend an inquiry into Estes and several co-workers and, months later, eliminated their jobs when they refused. The inquiry concluded that $183,194 in county funds were improperly diverted to the personal use of Estes and three other Fulton County employees. Read on …





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2 Responses to “Boxill & subject of $183K fraud probe flew to Rio”

  1. Frederick Bailey says:

    Just “SOP” for our Fulton County officials. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  2. In-town says:

    Where there is smoke…there’s Nancy Boxhill. First Doug Dean and the Rec Authority/SMP fund debacle, now hob-nobbing with alleged fraudsters at Fulton Co. Nice company you keep. No wonder you didn’t seek re-election….but does your predecessor know what she’s in for?