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DeKalb ethics board: No conflict for PATH exec McBrayer



The founder of the PATH Foundation may continue to serve on the board of the DeKalb County Development Authority, the county’s Board of Ethics ruled tonight.

DeKalb has paid PATH $8 million since 2004 to manage construction of biking and hiking trails in the county. Neighborhood activists who are unhappy with PATH’s construction methods complained that PATH’s executive director, Ed McBrayer, has a conflict of interest because he also serves on the authority’s board.

The ethics board voted unanimously tonight, after hearing testimony last month, that there was no “nexus” between McBrayer’s roles with PATH and the authority.

“It’s my sense that there’s been absolutely no ethical lapse or any conflict of interest on the part of Mr. McBrayer,” board member Susan Neugent said. “I don’t think he has benefited personally from any business relationship with the county.”





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One Response to “DeKalb ethics board: No conflict for PATH exec McBrayer”

  1. Eagle-eye says:

    The ethics board took less than 5 minutes to “deliberate” on 3 hours of testimony given at the previous meeting. There was no discussion of the merits of the case which took over a year to bring before the board. The full transcript of the Aug. 11, 2010 testimony can be found here: