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Anti-freeze killer Lynn Turner’s death ruled a suicide


Lynn Turner, facing life without parole for killing both her husband and her boyfriend, took her own life in prison last month, the GBI said today.

State Medical Examiner Kris Sperry said Turner took “a lethal level” of a prescribed blood-pressure medication. Her body was found in her prison cell Aug. 30.

Turner, a former 911 operator, was convicted of killing her husband, Cobb County police officer Glenn Turner, and later her boyfriend, Forsyth County firefighter Randy Thompson, with whom she bore two children. Both men died of poisoning by ethylene glycol, a tasteless and odorless ingredient in anti-freeze.

Sperry’s complete statement:

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation State Medical Examiner’s Office has determined that Lynn Turner died as the result of the toxic effects of the prescription medication propranolol, a blood pressure medication that Ms. Turner had been prescribed.  Ms. Turner was found dead on her bed in her cell in Metro State Prison on the morning of August 30, 2010.  Toxicology studies revealed that Ms. Turner had a lethal level of this drug in her blood indicating that she had ingested an amount well above the prescribed dosage.  No evidence of injury or foul play was detected in the course of the autopsy examination.  The death is being classified as a suicide.





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