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Ga. polls still not safe from absentee abuses


Georgia spent five years and countless dollars to win federal consent for a plan for citizenship checks for voters. Partisans dispute the value of the new mandate, which the feds approved a few weeks back. Supporters argue it blocks illegal aliens from corrupting our elections. Critics keep up the fight in court, railing about disenfranchising poor and minority voters. While that debate plays out, though, the real election fraud continues. The kind perpetrated by Americans. Read on …





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One Response to “Ga. polls still not safe from absentee abuses”

  1. lynn everitt says:

    Dear Jim:
    When I read your story in this weekends edition of AJC, I had to stop and take a moment to say how great a piece of journalism that was. IT was a piece of journalism magic, well written, educational and to the lucky reader a “I can not believe this is happening” story.
    Thanks Lynn Everitt