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No fiscal accountability coming for state board members


Joe Frank Harris served on the boards of both AFLAC and the state University System while the two were negotiating  to let the insurer sell policies on campus. Lasa Joiner lobbied for health care interests while chairing the state Board of Human Resources. And Kenneth Cronan, while sitting on a board regulating auto parts dealers, collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for allowing state workers to inspect vehicles at his Gainesville salvage yard. Under Georgia’s new ethics law, none of them would be required to report a penny generated by those transactions, or even disclose that they had those business interests. Read on …





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One Response to “No fiscal accountability coming for state board members”

  1. R. Cash says:

    Joe Frank Harris also started the outer perimeter.
    Why don’t you talk about Roy Barnes and the connection with the East West Connector?
    I believe Mr. Barnes, while he was in office (State Representative) He help start the Est West Connector that went Thur his property and a lawyer friend from Marietta Ga. also hear say says a Rebuplican friend had property on East West Connector. I believe the reason nothing is said is because Barnes is a Democrat.