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Evidence flimsy in probe of ethics attorneys


Headlines trumpeted state Inspector General Elizabeth Archer‘s latest findings a few weeks back:

“State’s ethics lawyers blasted for outside work.” “State attorneys ran private firm on public time.” “Moonlighting Ethics Commission lawyers violated state policies.”

But look closer at Archer’s investigative files, as I did, and you’ll find fairly flimsy evidence for some of her conclusions. Some “findings” are artfully worded to suggest impropriety without explicitly stating it.

Not only that, there’s no sign she informed one of the attorneys of a key issue or asked for an explanation.

Click here to see the rest of my AJC column.

Click here to check out the Inspector General’s report. Click here to read Tom Plank’s eight-page rebuttal.





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3 Responses to “Evidence flimsy in probe of ethics attorneys”

  1. michael beadles says:


  2. gomazz says:

    just check’in

  3. TF says:

    We find it interesting that Elizabeth Archer will stand strong on “flimsy evidence” but will look the other way when the evidence is so clear at Macon State College with very serious and campus well-known ethical violations by its President David Bell and his cronies. Sources tell us that she was encouraged to do just that by those truly in charge -“the good ‘ole boys.” Thank God many will be gone soon. Too bad “ding-dong” Bell is not gone yet. But not before he gets his next bonus check (he just got $400,000 from our college’s foundation funds and is getting $200,000 more from your tax dollars soon.). If you do not believe us, ask him.