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APS croons ‘Your Cheating Heart’ to 12 principals


Atlanta School Superintendent Beverly Hall has reassigned principals at 12 schools suspected of cheating on the 2009 Criterion-Referenced Competency Test.

The schools were identified this week in a blue ribbon commission’s report as having high rates of unexplained erasures on students’ test papers. The principals are being reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation.

Based on the blue ribbon report’s findings, the school district also plans to refer 108 APS employees with teaching certificates to the state Professional Standards Commission for further investigation.

None of the employees have been identified publicly.

The reassignments were announced in a news release e-mailed to news outlets at 4:56 p.m. Friday. In the news business, late Friday afternoon is widely regarded as the ideal time to send out news if: a) You want as little coverage as possible, and b) You want to leave the office before any reporters can call you with questions.

Coincidence? You make the call.





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5 Responses to “APS croons ‘Your Cheating Heart’ to 12 principals”

  1. Disgusted says:

    Why were they given reassignments? They should have been FIRED and never allowed to teach in a school in Georgia ever again.

  2. Frederick Bailey says:

    I bet everyone of them are not white nor anything other than black. Does anyone want odds?

  3. Jeff says:

    @Frederick Bailey Why does somebody *always* have to play the race card every time something like this happens? I can’t really tell whether you’re trying to paint Hall as a racist or if you’re being one yourself, but the race of the teachers is pretty irrelevant, isn’t it? If they’re cheating, it doesn’t matter if they’re black, white, or a Martian.

  4. APS Teacher says:


    What a silly comment. To me it seems racist when you bring race into a situation where it is not the issue. Most principals in APS are black as are most teachers and most students. The best principal I know is black and the worst principal I know is black. Of the white principals I know, some are good and some are not good. In other words, I don’t see any correlation with race.

    The real issue, as disgusted says, is that Dr. Hall is not sending a strong enough message with her actions related to those 12 principals. Principals are ‘at will’ employees and can be dismissed immediately – and this is exactly what should happen. There is no excuse for cheating and if we expect our students to act ethically, we need ethical principals and if one is not, they need to be let go.

  5. Sally says:

    Well, if it is not a race thing, why did all the principals happen to be black? Black principals take people jobs, allow their teachers to do nothing? Why you think they got to cheat because all year they (black teachers, black principals) have did nothing but treat teachers who teach like dogs. BLACK EDUCATORS ARE SAD….AND GUESS WHAT I AM BLACK. What happen to days when we had white teachers who cared? Fire all of those principal..NOW