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Report: 2 ethics attorneys ran private practice on state’s time


Two attorneys for the State Ethics Commission improperly used public resources to operate their private law practice, Inspector General Elizabeth Archer says.

Attorneys Yasha Heidari, who resigned in April, and Tom Plank used state-issued computers to research clients’ cases and abused sick leave, Archer said in a report released today after a nine-month investigation.

They also created a potential conflict by representing a business operated by Champ Walker, who offers his services as a lobbyist, a profession regulated by the ethics commission. Walker is the son of former Senate Majority Leader Charles Walker.

More to come after I get off deadline.


UPDATE: The Ethics Commission released this statement Friday morning:

“The Ethics Commission received the report issued by the Inspector General on July 15, 2010 and met late yesterday afternoon to discuss its findings.

“The Ethics Commission appreciates the diligence and thoroughness with which the Inspector General has conducted its investigation.

“The Commission plans on implementing all recommendations made in the report of the Inspector General immediately. Additionally, the Commission will be reviewing the findings with respect to Mr. Plank and will take any appropriate action.”





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5 Responses to “Report: 2 ethics attorneys ran private practice on state’s time”

  1. tom watson says:

    The link to the report doesnt work

  2. Jim Walls says:

    Sorry. It works now.

  3. tom watson says:

    Huh, the whistleblower has an _extensive_ media email list, and begins it with Glenn Beck, Neil Boortz, Hannity & Herman Cain. Too bad about Plank & Heidari, but wonder who’s the operative?

  4. human being says:

    Geez. And this guy is still working for the Ethics Commission? Wow.

  5. G Gore says:

    It is truly amazing that The Tax Payers of Georgia had to pay 285,000.00 dollars, to a whistleblower for being honest about Yasha Heidaris’ unethical behavior while acting on behalf of the State of Georgia Ethics Commission.
    He is an unethical lawyer that operates on lies, and unethical behavior the courtroom in order to destroy the lives of innocent parties . He stole money from the State of Georgia. This was confirmed by the In Inspector General of Georgia.
    Look him up! Why is he not in jail? In essence, he has a license to screw people including the Taxpayers.