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Hudgens discloses $100K loan to campaign, admits oversight


Sen. Ralph Hudgens says he loaned his campaign the money to pay for two weeks of TV ads but neglected to file the necessary last-minute reports that would show the source of the money.

The State Ethics Commission was asked Tuesday to investigate Hudgens, a candidate for state insurance commissioner, for allegedly buying $334,000 of advertising without saying how he paid for it. Hudgens’ campaign closed the June 30 reporting period with $254,000 cash on hand, so complainant Eliot Rosenberg wanted to know where the money came from.

In a telephone interview, Hudgens said today that he got confused about state law and thought he not was required to file another campaign disclosure until shortly before the July 20 primary. He said he has realized his mistake and faxed and mailed three new “48-hour” disclosures, which include a $100,000 personal loan and a few other checks from donors, to the State Ethics Commission.

“I made a mistake, just like these other people have made mistakes,” he said, referring to his opponents.

Hudgens said he has refrained so far from filing ethics complaints against other candidates for insurance commissioner.

“I want to honor Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment of ‘Speak no ill of your Republican brothers,'” he said.

But it sure sounded like his patience is wearing thin.





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3 Responses to “Hudgens discloses $100K loan to campaign, admits oversight”

  1. Georgiahack says:

    What a lie. He was purposefully waiting until after the June 30th disclosure to buy the air time. He knew that it was supposed to be disclosed and was trying to hide it.

  2. Disgusted says:

    Another Republican who finds fault with everyone else but sees nothing wrong in what he does. He knew exactly what he was doing. Just an Oxendine clone is what he is. Two kinds of Republicans exist – millionaires and suckers. Oh and before some of you jump on my so-called “liberal” behind, I voted Republican for years until I saw the light.

  3. J says:

    Another story where a long-standing Politician “accidentially” breaks the rules in order to gain a last minute advantage. Keep in mind this is coming from a person who transferred over 100k from their State Senate warchest when it became clear he would have real competition in this primary. We can no longer tolerate this type of behavior. I for one and tired of this thus I am supporting Maria Sheffield for Commissioner. We need people who have worked in the real world and have experience in Insurance. We do not need another career politican who is looking to just gain more power and a higher pension.