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Andy Young: I endorse both Dems running for attorney general


JULY 9 UPDATE: Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young confirmed just now that he supports both Ken Hodges and Rob Teilhet to be Georgia’s next attorney general.

“I plead guilty,” Young said in a phone interview.

Teilhet, whose campaign received a $200 check from Young in May, this week accused Hodges of lying about receiving an endorsement from the former U.N. endorsement.

Young said he had already expressed his support for Hodges when he met with Teilhet, who impressed him with his thoughtfulness. “I said, ‘I’ve already endorsed Hodges. What I’ll do to balance it is give you a check.'” he said.

So, does Young have a problem with Hodges claiming his endorsement?

“I think he has that right,” Young said. “I would not complain about that.”


Teilhet: AG candidate Hodges lying about endorsements

July 8 — Cobb County lawmaker Rob Teilhet is accusing Ken Hodges, his Democratic opponent for Georgia attorney general, of lying by claiming political endorsements by two of Teilhet’s supporters, including former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young.

Teilhet’s campaign manager, Rebecca DeHart, says she is disgustipated: “This is a barometer gauging how far someone will go for his own personal gain.”

Hodges’ campaign today blamed the non-existent endorsement by Bibb County Sheriff Jerry Modena on an error by a “lower-level staffer.” Spokeswoman Pamela Holmes said the campaign had apologized and removed Modena’s name from its endorsement list.

But Hodges still claims Young’s endorsement, she said. The campaign touted Young’s support last fall with a news release accompanied by photos taken at the former U.N. ambassador’s office.

Young told the AJC’s Jim Galloway recently that he hadn’t really endorsed Hodges, but he doesn’t necessarily oppose him either. Young has written Teilhet a $200 check.

Holmes said she confirmed Young’s endorsement last week in a telephone conversation with Patra Marsden, his executive assistant. Marsden’s office said she is on vacation this week and unavailable for comment.

Normally, political endorsements are regarded as the endorser’s selection of just one candidate in a race, not two. So what’s up with that?

Said Holmes: “When you’re Andrew Young, you can kinda do whatever you want.”

Teilhet, based on yesterday’s news release, does not seem prepared to drop the dispute:

The Teilhet campaign questions the legitimacy of several other endorsers listed, but have only just begun calling through them.

“You don’t gain the trust of voters by lying to them,” said Teilhet campaign manager Rebecca DeHart. “Georgia has had its fair share of politicians who have had no problem pulling the wool over the eyes of the voter. We don’t need another one.”





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4 Responses to “Andy Young: I endorse both Dems running for attorney general”

  1. Joe says:

    So basically Teilhet was lying when he accused the Hodges campaign of claiming a fake endorsement from Andy Young. By Andy Young’s own words he told Teilhet he endorsed Hodges. That’s a dirty move, Rob. I guess when you have no experience to run on you do stuff like that.

  2. Melissa says:

    So, Rebecca Dehart is disgusted with her own campaign! hahahahahaha! what a freaking loser.

  3. Melissa says:

    It just shows how bad and ridiculous the smear tactics of the Teilhet campaign are. I am just glad that after Teilhet loses the primary he will be out of state politics forever.

  4. M. Nifong says:

    I think Melissa (AKA Ken’s “Beard”) is really screwing things up by posting shrill stuff like she posted here. She may have to eat crow when this is over.