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John Douglas, Public Service Commission candidate: $113,136


John F. Douglas, a three-term state senator from Social Circle, says he made $113,000 and change last year.

Douglas said that income includes his salaries as a legislator ($31,741, including per diem) and as a field rep for the Peace Officers Association of Georgia, military retirement and his wife’s salary. The job he and four other candidates are seeking — an open seat on the Public Service Commission — pays about $116,000 a year.

You can peruse the rest of Douglas’ financial disclosure here.

Two other PSC candidates, former state Sen. Joey Brush and Keith Moffett of Macon, still haven’t filed disclosures of their personal finances, which were due the first week of May. The disclosures, required under state law, are intended to give voters a sense of whether a candidate’s personal financial interests might intersect with his or her public duties if elected.





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2 Responses to “John Douglas, Public Service Commission candidate: $113,136”

  1. Auset Ra Amen says:

    Atlanta by far has the worst candidate, I have not seen one yet I would caste a vote for, they are among the worst of the lot and this Douglas guy seriously can he look any more shady.

  2. Susan Douglas says:

    I am sure you are better qualified and could do a better job?