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Michael Mills, Angela Moore, Georganna Sinkfield, candidates for Secretary of State: ????


We can’t say for sure for sure how much these three earned last year. That’s because they have neglected to file the disclosure report required of candidates for secretary of state. The disclosures were due May 7 — a week after they qualified to run for secretary of state.

The delinquent filers are:

  • State Rep. Georganna Sinkfield, 67. The state auditor reported Sinkfield earned $17,341 in fiscal year 2009 as a member of the state House of Representatives. Sinkfield has regularly filed the annual disclosure required of elected officials, but not the more expansive report required for people running for statewide office.
  • Angela Moore, 47. In 2006, when she last ran for secretary of state, Moore reported gross income of $90,700 for the previous year.
  • Michael Mills, 36, a public relations consultant.





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