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Gail Buckner, Secretary of State candidate: $23,450


Gail Buckner, serving her first term in the state Senate after eight terms in the House, reported income of $23,450 for 2009. That’s about the same as she reported when she ran for secretary of state four years ago.

Legislators are paid $17,342 per year plus per diem.

The Jonesboro Democrat’s financial disclosure for 2009, filed Jan. 8, makes no mention of her business, Southern Crescent Marketing Inc. On Jan. 10, the business said she was still CEO when it renewed its corporate registration with the Georgia secretary of state. Southern Crescent did not file registration papers in the two previous years.

Elected officials in Georgia are required to report business interests and property holdings once a year to the State Ethics Commission. Candidates for statewide office are also required to file a more extensive accounting of their finances, including annual income, assets and liabilities. All reports are available on the commission’s Web site.





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