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Brian Kemp, Ga. Secretary of State: $33,624


Brian P. Kemp, a former state senator from Athens, reported income of about $33,000 in 2009 from his various real estate interests. But with $92,000-plus in expenses, he reported a net loss of $58,815 for the year.

But things are looking up: Gov. Sonny Perdue gave Kemp a steady job in January, naming him as Georgia’s new secretary of state at a salary of about $130,000 a year.

Kemp’s financial disclosure reports net assets of $6.3 million.

Kemp reported two financial transactions with local governments over the past five years. Hart AgStrong LLC, in which Kemp owns a 24 percent interest, received a $25,000 property tax abatement from Hart County in April. And Kemp sold a $60,000 parcel of land to Athens/Clarke County in 2004.





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4 Responses to “Brian Kemp, Ga. Secretary of State: $33,624”

  1. Former Legal Secretary Now Retired says:

    Well guess he must have gotten EIC on his return even though assets are 6.3 million dollars. Another one beats the system while some poor soul, busting their butts daily to survive, gets screwed over.

  2. PaperPlane says:

    Looks like someone’s development business busted and he needed a new job. He better be glad Sonny gave him one. Although I don’t think he’ll have it long.

  3. Former Legal Secretary Now Retired says:

    Right on PaperPlane – but he sure isn’t hurting in the assets department is he but maybe they are assets he can’t touch???????????

  4. PaperPlane says:

    Looks like he reported the same real estate values in 2006 when he ran for Ag Commish. Fat chance of that being true. This guy needs to go.