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Ethics board gains work; staffing stays the same


Four powerful Georgia lawmakers each reported getting a $2,300 campaign donation from one of Georgia’s largest title-pawn lenders in 2008, but the donor never disclosed giving the money. The lender disclosed a $2,300 donation to then-state Rep. Stan Watson – but the lawmaker never reported getting it. For that matter, Watson never disclosed what happened with $45,000 from his losing 2008 race for DeKalb CEO. The State Ethics Commission might be able to sort out these discrepancies if it had the tools. But the 2010 ethics “reform” bill has saddled the cash-strapped agency with new duties – and no more money. “We have the same budget but we’re given twice the work,” said Stacey Kalberman, the commission’s executive secretary. Read on…





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2 Responses to “Ethics board gains work; staffing stays the same”

  1. andjusticeforall says:

    I would work for the State Ethics Commission, the JQC or the State Bar of Georgia to investigate wrongdoing for free! There are NO ETHICS in the State of Georgia in the judicial system or under the Gold Dome!

  2. Deborah Owens says:

    Altruism is a disqualifer, you need an agenda to be a player. In order to qualify, your ego has to be too big to fit inside your own head, and that disfigurement has to lead to $$$ kissing and lying!

    We need campaign to campaign contribution limits, but that would eliminate money laundering, and defy our ancestral traditions.

    We need to eliminate all lobbyists gifts, but some might think that includes the BABE ALLEY ACTION, [the hallway outside the Speaker’s office is called Babe Alley, because of all the long legs, short skirts, and rollicking laughter there]. We DO need to eliminate all sexual activity between lobbyists [and their representatives] and the legislators, without anyone getting into the definition of what “SEX” actually “IS” “IS”.

    We need to eliminate legislators’ per diems, but that would disappoint so many who need to live a double life and collect simultaneously from their special interests and the state.

    And, finally, we need to require that all judges be attorneys, as this will help them when they are indicted.

    I had a legitimate point about the bar, but it escapes me. Oh, OH, YEA! We should apply blue laws on bar investigations, and only do them on Saturday nights.