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Doug MacGinnitie, Secretary of State candidate: $24,547


Doug MacGinnitie reported income of less than $25,000 last year, but that was still enough to buy a $2.2 million home in Sandy Springs.

A former Sandy Springs city councilman, MacGinnitie co-founded the commercial insurance brokerage Beecher Carlson. He previously served as chief counsel for Georgia Pacific and general counsel for the Hobbs Group.

MacGinnitie earned $12,000 in salary and $12,547 in dividends and interest in 2009, according to his financial disclosure filed with the State Ethics Commission. Figuring in $28,000 in expenses, he reported a net loss of $3,453 for the year.

MacGinnitie paid $2,262,500 for his home last September. The home was appraised for tax purposes last year at just half that amount — $1,140,800.

He disclosed net assets of $10.4 million, primarily the house and nearly $7.4 million in equity in Beecher Carlson.





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8 Responses to “Doug MacGinnitie, Secretary of State candidate: $24,547”

  1. Former Legal Secretary Now Retired says:

    And this is the guy Sadie Fields closed down her Christian Coalition group to join forces with and campaign for. Don’t you just love this hypocrits.

  2. Abe says:

    The FBI and IRS should investigate this lying, tax cheating scumball. 99% of all politicans are above the law within their own mind.

  3. Kay says:

    Last time I checked hard work and achievement were admirable. It’s just like a bunch of Dems to disparage success.

  4. Former Legal Secretary Now Retired says:

    Success and trying to beat the system are two different things and this is one Dem that work as hard if not harder during my working years than alot of you even thought about working. But Tea Party Right Wingers think they are the only ones right and the only ones entitled to take the short cuts.

  5. JP says:

    What the heck is his home doing at less than half its sale value? All those low-ball appraisals hurt schools.

  6. Former Legal Secretary Now Retired says:

    But these people don’t care about the harm done to the schools – most home school their kids or send them to private schools and the public schools matter not to them.

  7. James Fannin says:

    What is with the vitriol? Doug studied hard enough in high school to get into Dartmouth and then Emory Law, was a successful attorney and businessman, earned a lot of money and is giving back to his community, first as a city council member and is now running for Secretary of State. He’s exactly the kind of guy we want in office.

  8. Former Legal Secretary Now Retired says:

    I congratulate him on giving back to the community but many people give to the community in many ways with only high school education. That’s great he was able to get into two prestigous schools but that has nothing to do with the fact that he claims only so much as income and his mansion is valued at such a low valuation. Of course he may have savings and investments to live off. Two reasons he won’t get my vote – Sadie Fields and he’s a Republican.