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Dr. John H. Klippel, Arthritis Foundation CEO: $432,083


Jack Klippel has done well in the last six years at the Atlanta-based Arthritis Foundation, nearly doubling his total compensation as the organization’s revenue has fallen by about half.

Klippel’s total compensation history, courtesy of The Chronicle of Philanthropy:

  • 2000 — $178,334 as medical director
  • 2003 — $221,680 as CEO
  • 2004 — $287,016 as president
  • 2005 — $345,838 as CEO
  • 2006 — $351,704 as CEO
  • 2007 — $378,095 as CEO
  • 2008 — $432,083 as CEO

The Foundation brought in $122 million in 2004, the Chronicle reported. By 2008, income was down to $62 million.

The Arthritis Foundation earned a two-star rating (out of a possible 4 stars) from Charity Navigator, an organization that assesses the financial health of America’s non-profit groups. Charity Navigator noted that the Arthritis Foundation spent 4.5 percent more in 2008 than the previous year, while bringing in 5.3 percent less money.

An independent compensation consultant issued an “unreserved opinion that the base salaries and total compensation provided to the Foundation’s ten senior management executives, including the CEO, meet all standards of reasonableness and are not excessive,” the foundation reported in its 2008 tax filing.

The foundation in 2008 paid a direct-mail fund-raiser $11.4 million — 66 percent of all the money it collected on the foundation’s behalf, tax records show.

Dr. Klippel retired 10 years ago from the federal government with more than 25 years’ service. His last job there was as clinical director of the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.





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