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Tinubu, Dutton qualify unopposed for open House seats


Two candidates for the Georgia Legislature qualified for open seats last week without opposition from a Democrat or Republican. If their races don’t draw a write-in or independent candidate, they’re in.

Former Atlanta City Council member Gloria Bromell-Tinubu, 57, qualified as a Democrat for House District 60. That’s the seat held by Georganna Sinkfield, who’s running for secretary of state. Bromell-Tinubu also served on the state Board of Education and finished third in the 2001 Atlanta mayor’s race.

Bromell-Tinubu was a Spelman College economics professor when she left in 2004 to become president of Barber-Scotia College, a historically black institution in Concord, N.C. The school, which lost its accreditation in her first week on the job, had just one employee and a handful of students by the time she resigned a year later.

She previously had been chosen as president of Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Fla., but declined the job when she could not come to terms on an employment contact.

Bromell-Tinubu’s bio, per Every Church a Peace Church, where she serves on the board of directors:

Gloria Bromell Tinubu, Ph.D., has held such leadership positions as college president, tenured professor of economics, member of the Georgia Board of Education, member of the Atlanta City Council, Atlanta mayoral candidate, and CEO of Atlanta Cooperative Development Corporation, a city-created entity she founded in 1996.  As Chair and CEO of Bromell Tinubu Group LLC, Gloria is dedicated to growing low-income communities and creating economic opportunity through business growth and development. A recipient of numerous honors and awards such as Who’s Who in Black Atlanta, Atlanta Business League’s 100 Most Influential Black Women, and the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Most Influential Georgians, Gloria is a graduate of 1996 class of Leadership Atlanta and served as a member of the Commission for the Future of Clemson University.  She received her Ph. D. in Applied Economics and Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Clemson University and her undergraduate degree from Howard University.  Natives of South Carolina and Nigeria, respectively, Gloria and her husband of 31 years, Soji Tinubu, live in Atlanta, Georgia.  They are the proud parents of four adult children, Ayo, Titilayo, Femi, and Tayo and are proud new grandparents to 2-year old Adewole, son of Ayo and Ariel.

Delvis Dutton, 32, is running as a Republican in House District 166, representing Tattnall and Evans counties (and a bit of Liberty, too). He wants to replace Rep. Terry Barnard, who’s retiring after 16 years. Dutton, the owner of General Pump & Well Inc., drew a little bit of fire from a contributor over on Peach Pundit for his professed advocacy for alternative fuel sources. Other commenters had Dutton’s back, noting that it’s not uncommon for someone’s professional and political passions to overlap.

Dutton’s bio, per his Facebook page:

Delvis Dutton is a Republican candidate for Georgia State House of Representatives, District 166 (Tattnall, Evans and part of Liberty Counties) to replace Rep. Terry Barnard in southeast Georgia. He is a Christian, family man, small business owner, farmer, avid outdoorsman and strong conservative.





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