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Fulton judge orders hearing to open courthouse access


Fulton County’s top judge has had enough of the tediously long lines to get into the courthouse, and she’s ordered the sheriff to explain why he can’t fix it.

Doris L. Downs, chief judge of the county’s Superior Court, ordered Sheriff Ted Jackson to show cause as to why he can’t reopen all four courthouse entrances to the public. She set a hearing on the matter for 10:45 a.m. Friday.

Downs has complained repeatedly since Jackson limited public access to just one entrance in August.

“These closures have resulted in members of the public having to wait in tremendously long lines in order to gain access to the Complex — lines often stretch out of the Complex and down the sidewalk at the beginning of the business day,” the judge wrote in ordering the hearing.

Courthouse access by way of a footbridge from the county government complex has also been closed for months, impeding the flow of mail, food services and employees, the judge wrote.

Jackson, citing staffing and security concerns, began limiting courthouse access to just one entrance last summer.





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