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Fulton judge rejects Dems’ challenge to voter ID law


A Fulton County judge has dismissed an effort by Georgia Democrats to upend a 2006 law requiring voters to produce a photo ID before they cast a ballot.

Democrats contended the law was an unconstitutional infringement on the right to vote. ‘Tain’t so, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Tom Campbell said Monday:

The Act is an ‘evenhanded restriction’ designed to protect the “integrity and  reliability of the electoral process.” It is reasonable, narrowly tailored and related to a legitimate and important state interest.

Read Campbell’s full court order here.





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One Response to “Fulton judge rejects Dems’ challenge to voter ID law”

  1. Lodis Dinwiddie says:

    This is a blatant attempt to prevent minority voting and a reverting back to “Jim Crow” days and days of the “Poll Taxes” exercised against Blacks in the South. I use to see my parents pay these taxes and wondered why, and it was then that my mother told me that they had to do it, in order to vote. What a shame and here we are again, going through the same things, only in a different way. It is unconstitutional.