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Bill: 1 government paycheck should be enough for lawmakers


Rep. Bob Smith may be the Maytag repairman of the Georgia General Assembly. He’s taken on the lonely task of trying to cut off the second government paycheck collected by some of his colleagues. If lawmakers are truly interested in ethics reform bills, says the six-term Republican, “this has to be one of them.” Read on…





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One Response to “Bill: 1 government paycheck should be enough for lawmakers”

  1. Csquared says:

    “If I had a conflict there, I’d be the first one to step back and say we ought to re-examine this,” he said. “Frankly, I haven’t seen what the wrong is that needs to be rectified.” SAYS House Judiciary Chairman Wendell Willard, a key figure in ethics reform, also serves as city attorney for Sandy Springs, which pays his firm $396,000 a year plus litigation costs as needed.
    If I was making 400k a year extra, i certainly wouldn’t see much of a need to “re-examine this” either.