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William D. Novelli, ex-CEO of AARP: $1,005,380


William D. Novelli, who resigned as CEO in March 2009, was just one of 18 AARP executives who were paid more than $300,000 in 2008.

Tax records show Novelli’s total compensation topped $1 million that year with the inclusion of $207,000 in deferred pay. Novelli’s pay package was a recent topic of debate on Capitol Hill, where some congressmen complained that AARP executives would benefit personally from proposed health care reforms.

Other AARP execs pulling down $300,000 or more were:

  • $625,857 Thomas C. Nelson
  • $452,667 Lin MacMaster (includes a $172,000 severance payment)
  • $421,679 Nancy A. Leamond
  • $417,246 Emilio Pardo
  • $409,560 Joan S. Wise
  • $398,432 Robert R. Hagans Jr.
  • $375,449 Shereen G. Remez
  • $361,352 John C. Rother
  • $358,222 Kevin J. Donnellan
  • $351,278 Ellen Hollander
  • $350,836 Hugh Delehanty
  • $335,120 David Sloane
  • $334,330 Harroll Backus
  • $332,865 Nancy Smith
  • $328,138 Susan Reinhard
  • $327,293 Matthew Rosser
  • $324,219 Matthew Mitchell

All told, these 17 executives pocketed $843,697 in bonus and incentive pay in 2008, AARP reported.





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11 Responses to “William D. Novelli, ex-CEO of AARP: $1,005,380”

  1. Joy K says:

    The math does not add up. How can 17 people making more than 300,000 each only total $843,000???

  2. Jim Walls says:

    The $843,000 is just the bonuses, not the base pay.

  3. Rob Forster says:

    And this does not include the execs from the AARP Foundation. Clearly one of the more leftest lobbyists in Wash. DC, it should lose its 501(c)(4) status and pay taxes on its near billion dollars it receives from United Health care for its endorsements (royalties).

    The SEIU developed, wrote, and produced both videos that were displayed on its (AAARP) web site during the Health plan debate and heavily criticized those who had a diverse opinion from the current Administration. Clearly PPACA hurts Medicare Advantage plans long term and Medicare now has a panel appointed by the President to determine benefits without congressional input/oversight including those near the end of life. Similar to the N.I.C.E. panel in England that some call a “death panel” since it uses QALY metrics–benefits age related, not between physician and patient.

  4. Adam Stefanavage says:

    I think anyone’s who’s names that are on this page should be taken to South Africa to a place called Seal Island and everyone of them fed to the Great White sharks. You people are disgusting and burn in hell you money stealing thieves.

  5. Carole Hyneman says:

    If these figures are accurate, it is disgusting! How do they sleep at night? It’s bad enough that the CEO’s of Health Insurance Companies are making millions and millions can’t even afford catastrophic health insurance! What is wrong in this country? My soc. security and small teacher pension are $1800.00 a month. I pay $660.00 rent, $191.30 a month for a supplemental medical plan, $41.00 for a prescription plan, utilities are $250 and gas is $100.00. Add this up, and there’s not much to buy food, maintain an 11year old car and every other expense we all have. I wish all the wealthy people would try living on this or less for a month. What a shame there is such disparity in this wealthy country. We are slowly turning into a 3rd world country.

  6. J. Everett says:

    What I learned from below link dissuade me from joining AARP.

    Does AARP really service its members as advertised???

  7. charlie sanders says:

    An i just got a request for donation

  8. Jean Owens says:

    Just another well educated robbers and scammers who received their education and are getting paid 4 times ovet and could care less for the seniors. What do they do beg for money, lie and sell merchantdise. Etc. Etc. To the little guy. Should be disbanded but not before paying. All back taxes they owe. The have done nothing for the seniors.

  9. Hazel says:

    The R in AARP stands for “retired” but I and my retired friends have grave doubts about this. Everything they publish is geared to the pre-retirees. Fine, Pre-retirees need and deserve guidance toward retirement but we who joined forty years ago expected some guidance in coping with retirement – even coping with old age, maybe? What we get is a Hollywood magazine and how to save for retirement. Too late, folks.

    Then, exclusion. Yesterday, I tried to put a comment on a page and found that I am not allowed unless I belong to either Facebook or Twitter. I belong to neither. Later, I tried the same on another page and ran into the same problem. Either join a social network or get lost.

    Sorry that this is a bit off-topic but it does show that AARP has become something else other than what we expected. Those exorbitant wages are only part of it. What goes on at AARP these days, I do not know. I only want to know why I stay a member.

    And, yes, I also got a begging letter. That has been followed by several reminders that I have not responded to the begging letter. Well, neither have they responded to a few letters I have written to them. Maybe they have no money left for postage stamps?

    Heavens! I can’t even scroll back on this post to proof-read it. Sorry for any blunders.

  10. Ted says:

    Reality check – this is an important organization which virtually single-handedly defeated W’s plan to “privatize social security”. In hindsight, had that happened right before the financial crisis, literally MILLIONS of seniors would be out in the Polar Vortex these days. Truth is the list of people on this page paid their dues, were successful, and got good-paying jobs. They live in or around one of the most expensive cities in the country, and they don’t get paid exorbitant salaries, but salaries commensurate with their job titles.

    Truth hurts, but these folks are working for the leading voice for aging America.

  11. Bobby steinhoff says:

    William D. Novelli is tho only one close enogh on this list deserving enough to make that much money. look him up. The rest of these “people” on this list shouldnt be paid a dime past a minimum wage job at 40 hours a week. There job is to insure people and make sure america and her children stay alive and as healthy as they can be, not to make hundreds of thousands of dollars off a bogus insurance plans they have made.