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Damon Evans, UGA athletic director: $550,000


UGA President Michael Adams on Thursday defended a $90,000-a-year raise awarded to athletic director Damon Evans, the Athens Banner-Herald reports:

“I don’t think it’s an issue of any one person. His contract time was up, it was time to do it. It didn’t fall at the most opportune time perhaps, but it was the right thing to do.”

Adams recognized the inequity between pay for athletic personnel and university faculty:

“I think the whole issue of divergence of athletic salaries relative to academic salaries is the real issue. I’m concerned long-term about the impact on the academic environment as the disparity between substantial raises in athletics versus no raises in academics becomes more and more pronounced. …

“The pace that we’re on right now is a pace that I don’t think can be retained. I don’t think it should be. But we are in a market and we are in a league where we feel the need to be competitive.”

Evans’ new five-year contract pays him $550,000 a year, plus automatic $20,000 raises every year and a $250,000 longevity bonus for staying the entire five years.

All told, Evans could earn $3.2 million under the deal if he stays through 2015.





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