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Feb. 1

February 1, 2010 --

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Don’t ask, don’t tell: Why Ga. won’t survey teens on sex

Don't ask, don't tell: Why Ga. won't survey teens on sex
February 1, 2010 --

Every two years, U.S. high school students answer questions in a CDC-sponsored survey that helps guide policy on sex education and teen pregnancy. But not in Georgia. The omission impedes public health officials trying to lower some of the nation’s highest teen-pregnancy rates, says advocate Michele Ozumba. It’s “a huge gap,” she says. “To do effective prevention, you have to have solid information.”

Dan Graveline, World Congress Center executive director: $434,733

February 1, 2010 --

Dan Graveline, who retired Dec. 31 after 33 years at the Congress Center, earned more than $434,000 in the last fiscal year. He will stay on as a consultant in 2010, helping his yet-to-be-named replacement in a variety of roles.