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Julie Lewis, Clayton County schools’ general counsel: $247,554


Earning nearly a quarter-million dollars, Julie Lewis ranked as Georgia’s best-paid staff attorney for a local school board in 2009, state auditor’s records show.

Lewis pulled in $31,000 more than Atlanta Public Schools’ best-paid attorney (whose name was not disclosed) and $87,000 more than Jack Lance with Rockdale County schools.





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3 Responses to “Julie Lewis, Clayton County schools’ general counsel: $247,554”

  1. Fred Bailey says:

    She must certainly know “somebody” – does she also have a staff?

  2. Sean says:

    It is obviously cheaper for a school system to hire an in-house attorney than to contract with a firm based on this information. Attorney’s charge too much for too little results in my opinion in every scenerio.
    If she is in-house, hopefully she puts in a 40 hour week or more and is an expert in school law already instead of learning through on-the-job training.
    It is a shame that lawyers influence schools. Again it is the kids who are caught in the middle.

  3. teachers husband says: