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MaChelle Joseph, Ga. Tech women’s hoops coach: $358,099


Orange Bowl-loser Paul Johnson was only the second-highest-paid coach at Georgia Tech last year, state records show. Tech paid MaChelle Joseph, the women’s basketball coach, $8,100 more than Johnson in fiscal year 2009.

Overall, Johnson collects much more (total compensation of $2.3 million, according to USA Today) through the Tech athletic association and other income. But figures just released by state auditors show Joseph’s base salary ranked second, behind UGA’s Mark Richt, among all coaches at state universities.

Here are the top 10 coaches’ salaries for the year ending in June 2009, courtesy of

$382,669 Mark Richt, UGA football

$358,099 MaChelle Joseph, Ga. Tech women’s basketball

$349,999 Paul Johnson, Ga. Tech football

$334,861 Paul Hewitt, Ga. Tech men’s basketball

$296,889 Danny Hall, Ga. Tech baseball

$281,667 Robert Wommack, Ga. Tech football, defensive coordinator (fired this week)

$247,500 Suzanne Yoculan, UGA women’s gymnastics (now retired)

$238,358 Robert Bobo, UGA football, offensive coordinator

$238,358 Willie Martinez, UGA football, defensive coordinator (fired Dec. 2)

$238,358 Stacy Searels, UGA, football, offensive line coach





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4 Responses to “MaChelle Joseph, Ga. Tech women’s hoops coach: $358,099”

  1. DJ says:

    Coach Joseph gets more results with far less fanfare and flash than the other coaches. She has taken a listless “young” program to one that is nationally ranked and making improvements each year. As a Georgia Tech graduate, loyal academic and athletic contricutor, and season ticket holder to all GT sports, I see it firsthand. Coach Joseph’s teams are more exciting to watch than the superstars Coach Hewitt recruits–and the results on the court show it, too.

  2. Mike says:

    How many tickets does she sell a year? The last time I looked there were like 200 people at the game. Another PC act gone wrong.

  3. DJ says:

    HA! Sounds like you’re jealous! Evidently you haven’t been to a game. Go through the attendance numbers and compare to women’s programs around the country–not to just one or two which draw big numbers.

    I have had season tix for both women’s and men’s basketball at GT for many years. The women’s team is the only one with consistency right now–no bubble sitting and relying on a desperate tournament run to slide off the bubble into the NCAA torney.

    If Coach Joseph is a “PC act gone wrong”–and she’s produced four consecutive 20-win seasons–what is Coach Hewitt’s act?!

  4. nancy crager says:

    My daughter played high school basketball with MaChelle. Class act. Hardest working high school athlete that I’ve ever seen. When the other girls were out celebrating a basketball win (there were many), MaChelle was still in the gym perfecting her shot. She deserves all that she gets and more.