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John Seffrin, American Cancer Society CEO: $1,045,887


Dr. John Seffrin, CEO of the American Cancer Society since 1992, earned $1 million-plus last year thanks to a hefty deferred pay package, tax records show.

The Atlanta-based non-profit, which eliminated 140 positions this year, paid Seffrin a base salary of $685,884 for the year ending Aug. 31, 2008. It also kicked in about $360,000 more toward his benefits and deferred compensation.

A supplemental retirement plan sets aside deferred compensation, paid in addition to employees’ standard pension, for Seffrin and other Cancer Society executives. The non-profit reports that income each year to the IRS, even though the recipients won’t collect it until retirement. That amount includes employer contributions as well as growth in the retirement plan’s value.

Seffrin earned $947,687 in salary and benefits in fiscal year 2007 and $810,796 the year before, tax records show. His 2008 earnings reflected a 29 percent increase over 2006.

At Seffrin’s request, the Cancer Society reduced his salary recently by 6 percent, said Greg Donaldson, vice president for corporate communications. Other executive salaries, Donaldson said, have been frozen for two years.

The 2008 retirements of seven long-time officers complicate efforts to use tax records to determine those executives’ annual salaries. Deputy CEO Donald Thomas’s total compensation, for instance, jumped from about $569,000 in 2007 to more than $1.2 million in 2008. The difference, Donaldson said, is Thomas’s payout from the supplemental plan.

Other executive compensation from the Cancer Society’s 2008 tax forms: (NOTE: The Cancer Society says three of these folks retired, and their 2008 compensation may have included deferred pay that had been reported in previous years. So I have deleted them from the following list and moved them down to the next one for 2007, which shows what they earned in a full year before their retirement.)

  • $610,927 — John Shipkoski, CEO South Atlantic Division
  • $573,589 — David Veneziano, CEO California Division
  • $561,140 — Ann Pomerinke, CEO Great West Division
  • $535,494 — Mike Dany, CEO High Plains Division
  • $511,107 — Greg Bontrager, deputy chief operating officer
  • $456,691 — Wayne Miller, chief operating officer Mid-South Division
  • $334,472 — Terry Music, interim chief mission officer
  • $304,293 — Catherine Mickle, chief financial officer

In addition, tax records for 2007 show compensation for these officers in the year before they retired or left the organization:

  • $617,051 — Dr. Harmon Eyre, chief medical officer
  • $569,495  — Donald Thomas, deputy CEO
  • $565,397 — Patricia Felts, chief operating officer
  • $552,213 — Ann Pomerinke, CEO Great West Division
  • $522,090 — John Shipkoski, CEO South Atlantic Division
  • $425,151 — William Barram, national vice president, division services
  • $381,588 — O. Clinton Clampitt, national vice president, division services
  • $365,295 — Robert Mitchell, president, American Cancer Society Foundation
  • $333,157 — Jerome Yates, national vice president, research


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46 Responses to “John Seffrin, American Cancer Society CEO: $1,045,887”

  1. Matt J. Duffy says:

    Nice job.

    Here’s its ratings:

    Not as bad as you’d think — but could be better.

  2. A Volunteer says:

    Please tell me why I and the many volunteers should work our asses off, spend hundreds of dollars out of our pockets, wear out our vehicles while you and the honchos make this kind of money? I think you and your highly overpaid employees are deceiving us as you constantly bitch about “expenses” and your
    employees seem to forget that everyone of us are volunteers and they demand more and more money to be raised on the local level while they do very little work themselves.

    My county which is a poor, rural county with 65,000 people believed in what the ACS stood for, raised
    in the last 3 years a total of $886,000 and to find that we are supporting many executives with annual salaries of hundred of thousands of dollars annually employed by ACS and to see that you’re paid
    over $1,000,000 per year makes me feel like a damn fool that has been had, misled and lied to.

    When the Volunteers see these salaries I have to think your greed for a non-profit will have caught up with you. I will never give ACS another dollar

  3. Debbie says:

    Dear John,
    Consider this your “Dear John” letter for my support for ACS and Relay for Life. I am appalled to know that you would accept this kind of salary from people who are raking and scraping nickels and dimes so they can give funding to help find a cure for people who are essentially facing death unless a cure is found for cancer. How dare you. I feel deceived and blind sided and am ashamed to say that I have ever had a part of such a money-hungry organization. Hiding behind someone else’s misfortune for monetary gain is an abomination. You disgusts me especially when I think of how hard some people have worked and given un-selfishly all to find that it has been to make sure your salary has taken a 45%+ raise. I hope that you one day get justice. Who knows if may be you one day facing cancer and needing a cure. Where will your help come from? And what about those who were counting on contributions and the ACS to give them hope only to find that people are tired of giving money to such greedy thieves such as you? I plan to tell everyone I can about your practices.

  4. Greg Donaldson says:

    For a detailed progress report providing substative analysis of the American Cancer Society’s efforts against measurable outcomes in support of its lifesaving mission, visit anytime:

  5. A Volunteer says:

    I, among others cannot believe that you have stooped so low as to use the funds from hard working, dedicated volunteers to line your pockets. How selfish and unforgivable. I chose ACS several years ago as the one organization that I would support, with the hope that I could help find a cure for cancer and give hope to those who have it. I lost my mother, father and grandmother to cancer. I have put in numerous hours of my time, my family and friends time and our hard earned dollars to help fight cancer and now we find you that you and other individuals are using these dollars to buy yourselves nice homes, second homes, expensive vehicles and lord only know what else. I have just resigned my position on the local Relay for Life committee. I will spread the word about this organization and begin my search for one that will take our time and efforts seriously. There is no excuse for this type of activity when there are people being diagnosed and dying from cancer everyday. How far do you think that huge salary could have gone if it was being used for cancer research? Enough said. You guys will have to live with your conscious.

  6. Susan Soyland says:

    How long has John Seffrin been working as CEO at American Cancer Society? Today’s date: 6/1/2010. I’d like to explain the man’s salary to all the workers at the Relay for Life in my town who could never raise enough to cover his salary for one year.

  7. shocked says:

    Staff are being let go….pay raises frozen, spending to a minimum and yet you and members of your staff reach at or near a million dollars.
    My heart is broken to read this….It will certiainly make me see and feel differently about ACS…
    This truely angers and saddens me.

  8. Suzanne Hotchkiss says:

    Mr. Seffrin:

    You should be ashamed of yourself for accepting such an outrageous compensation. I am a cancer survivor who has given regularly to the ACS and who has helped raise money for the cause, as well. But no more. My limited resources will find their way to another organization with less greed at the top. Suzanne Hotchkiss

  9. Roger Volz says:

    Scumbag !! how can you Justify this…

  10. A Volunteer No More says:

    The American Cancer Society and Relay For LIfe and all other Charities can go to hell as they are corrupt
    with Greedy executives whose only thought is how much can I get for myself………….Only a idopt can continue to give to the American Cancer Society and their executives realize all they have to do is peddle “a guilt trip for these fools”……………..John you will be answering to God for your greed.

  11. Joop deBruin says:

    I knew this and have refused to donate one cent to the ACS. The Arizona scam was made visible back in 1995, and I have spread the results of that study for 15 years. ACS has gotten worse, not better over those 15 years, so I will use these links to provide more up to date information. Letters to the Editor, protests at Walk for Life, updates in blogs like this, every bit helps. If you want to help fund Cancer research, there are much more effective ways to do so.

    Don’t take my word for it, do a little research before giving even one hard earned dollar.

  12. Rosemary Reder says:

    You should be ashamed of what your organization does, how it KILLS people by it’s arrogamce.

  13. Gary says:

    Incredible! I just signed up for ACS Relay for Life with my church group. I am now conflicted. Our town of around 8,000 people has more than 70 non-profits, almost ANY one of them would use this money better and, locally. I might quit the realy. I will spread the word about these huge salaries and the 17% going to research among our group.

  14. Gerry Sessor says:

    Mr. Seffrin, I have been a Relay for Life Volunteer for about 12 years and work all year round with Spaghetti Dinners, yard sales, candy sales and Golf tournanments to raise all the money we can for the ACS. I just got an email telling people about the top 3 Non Profit organizations and the salary of their top people. You are number 2 under UNICEF and this just makes me sick to my stomach. I have spent so much of my own money and thousands of hours fund raising for a cause that pays you a salary and benefits of such a outrageous amount. I don’t know how you sleep at night, I know I couldn’t if I was taking that kind of money from an organization like this one. What could you possibly do to earn that kind of money? I have to finish out this year because i have a team that needs me but after this years Relay I will have to reconsider working for an organization that pays such enormous salaries. Now maybe if you found a cure for cancer that could be different, oh that’s right we are raising money to go for research to find a cure, or is it to just go to your salary!!!! I think I am going to be sick!!!!! Gerry Sessor

  15. Andy Herren says:

    I ask myself many years ago, “do the highly paid people at the American Cancer Society really want to find a cure for cancer, and loose their nest egg”? With the American way of government and big corporation greed I think not. Cancer has painfully taken several of my family members and friends and tried to get me in 2002 with colon cancer. For you and others to transfer donated funds to your bank account that should go for what it was intended is comparible to WWII. If I were a U.S. Senator I would introduce a bill that eighty cents of each dollar contributed as a donation would have to go to the cause. Not the other way around. That’s the way I see it from Arkansas.

  16. Marilyn says:

    CANCER HAS BECOME AN EPIDEMIC! I would like to see “Job Descriptions” for each of the above mentioned. For years, we have supported ACS thinking our bucks were going to Cancer Research. ACS TO Provide Researchers who receive donations (dollar amounts) and I will feel much better about donating. But, if the big bucks stop at the top and only a small percentage trickles down to the actual combat against Cancer in research labs, I will no longer be supporting ACS. My husband now has cancer and there are no cures. OVER 70 YEARS and still the same old standard chomotherapy treatments that help only about 2% of cancer patients. Most die from the side effects of chemotherapy. I have a rough idea how survival rates are figured. If a breast cancer patient lives five years but dies in the next month after five years, she/he is still counted as “survivor!” As I understand it, blacks are not counted with caucasion for survival rates. Why? Do blacks not survive as well as caucasion? Why? How many cancer researchers would benefit from even one half of Seffrin’s One Million Dollars? Not to mention from the rest of the highly paid positions? I want job descriptions for these highly paid professions.

    I, as volunteer, canvassed the neighborhood looking for people to donate to ACS. Very few would support ACS. The more I learn, I understand their feelings about housing and feeding the top ACS executives.
    This is my answer: 99% of all monitary donations goes to Cancer Research!

  17. Marilyn says:

    CANCER HAS BECOME AN EPIDEMIC! I would like to see “Job Descriptions” for each of the above mentioned. For years, we have supported ACS thinking our bucks were going to Cancer Research. ACS TO Provide Researchers who receive donations (dollar amounts) and I will feel much better about donating. But, if the big bucks stop at the top and only a small percentage trickles down to the actual combat against Cancer in research labs, I will no longer be supporting ACS. My husband now has cancer and there are no cures. OVER 70 YEARS and still the same old standard chomotherapy treatments that help only about 2% of cancer patients. Most die from the side effects of chemotherapy. I have a rough idea how survival rates are figured. If a breast cancer patient lives five years but dies in the next month after five years, she/he is still counted as “survivor!” As I understand it, blacks are not counted with caucasion for survival rates. Why? Do blacks not survive as well as caucasion? Why? How many cancer researchers would benefit from even one half of Seffrin’s One Million Dollars? Not to mention from the rest of the highly paid positions? I want job descriptions for these highly paid professions.

    I, as volunteer, canvassed the neighborhood looking for people to donate to ACS. Very few would support ACS. The more I learn, I understand their feelings about housing and feeding the top ACS executives.
    This is my answer: 99% of all monitary donations goes to Cancer Research!
    And, no, I did not already say this!

  18. marbee says:

    It turns out that the polio shots we baby boomers were given in the late 1950’s thru about 1962 were contaminated with a money virus that CAUSES cancer. We are NOW in the time frame for this to be affecting people and are now seeing a 300% rise in cancer rates. The government KNEW both the Salk and the Sabin vaccines were tainted, but the went along with it anyway. Dr. Alton Ocshner was the head of the ACS and knew that millions of children were vaccinated with a cancer causing vaccine. So in trying to create an antidote, they inadvertantly created a viral bioweapon which the CIA became very interested in. This new virus, SV40, was unleased in the Carribbean countries in the hopes that it would kill Castro.This is where the AIDS virus likely came from because they were using monkey viruses. The book Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Ed Haslam is a great piece of investigative research into this sham. Why would anyone give this organization a dime!

  19. Pam says:

    Here’s one for you. The ACS LOBBIES for smoking bans, increased cigarette taxes so that people will try (time and time again) to quit smoking. So you do you think profits from most of the quitlines paid for by YOUR STATE? The ACS. According to their IRS990 form, they made over $9,019,000 in revenue from QUIT LINES!!! They don’t want a cure! They’d lose their gravy train. Page 11
    They also say they spend $0 lobbying (pg. 12) but then claim $11,662,010 given to OTHERS in the form of grants TO LOBBY (pg 20). Sorry, Seffrin, but if A=B and B=C, then A=C and YOU’RE LOBBYING. I hope the ACS gets their tax exempt status taken away because they’re nothing more than a non tax paying corporation who also pays NO PROPERTY TAXES.

  20. Billy says:

    Perhaps what is even more sickening is that upon the ACS tax return it brags about lobbying congress for funding of the CDC and the National Cancer Institute, both federal government agencies. In return those agencies give millions of our tax dollars right back into the hands of the ACS.
    If one wants to research (which I did) look at the ACS Consolidated Divisions group 990 tax returns 05,06,07 compair them to data that different states Secretary of State maintains on grass root lobbying (ballot initiatives) you will find at least $4,000,000.00 the Divisions did not report to the IRS!
    The ACS should only get my tax dollars to keep them in prison!

  21. MarshallKeith says:

    It is weel known among some of us that the ACS is nothing but a tool for Big Pharma.

    Prevent cancer use to have a good post on the ACS that seems to be pulled.

    I will try to find an arcive of it.

  22. no more volunteering says:

    What a scum bag you all are!!! I will never give another dime
    to the cancer society. I will give my donations to The
    Salvation Army, their CEO gets $13, 000.00 and does
    wonders with the money.

  23. Randy Schimm says:

    This message is for John Seffrin:

    Hey John, I finally did a search on The American Cancer Society top executive salaries and guess what I found? You make over 1,000,000.000 per year and your subordinates, which are many, make close to what you make. That doesn’t account for all of the first class airline tickets you buy to fly around the country of course while conducting business. It also does not account for all the 5 star hotels you frequent. It also doesn’t account for your exclusive meals and your hefty expense account.

    I’d like to know how many cancer patients you have taken an interest in. I’d like to know how many cancer patients there are that have lost their homes because they were unable to work to fight the fight of their lives while you’re collecting millions of dollars and travlling first class around the country and abroad.

    Hey John, I had cancer. I know people who died from cancer and I can tell you, I would not want that Karma on my shoulders. I wouldn’t wish cancer on my worst enemy but I’d say you’re long over due for a visit from the Karma gods!

    Best wishes to you and your incredibly highly paid group of lottery winners. I’m sure you all are worth every penny your worker bees generate for you year after year.


  24. Gail says:

    The best way to give to a charitable cause is to look around your neighborhood and help those in need whether they suffer from cancer or any other horrible disease human beings can get. Help an elderly shut in or …. the reasons are as endless as is the need of our fellow man. I too would like to know what this man does to deserve making 500.00 an hour but we all know the answer. People make this kind of money because they can, they qualify and quantify the reasons so many ways it makes you wonder what planet you live on. My nephew once asked me where I thought the greatest need for mission work would be. I believe as I told him the mission field begins the moment we step outside our front door. Let’s not put the power or responsibility to do the good we want done into the hands of others. I am very sad to know what the salary’s are for these head honchos, but I choose not to waste my energy being angry, there is too much to do.

  25. Marilyn says:

    We no longer donate to ACS. After reading about the person in charge of ACS receiving a huge salary and people working directly under the person in charge receiving hefty checks, it was decided that our donations are going to money making events and the dollars collected go to cancer patients who need to get their medical bills paid. We also help by sponsoring bicycle riders who peddle for “The Cancer Cure.” All donated money by-passes ACS and goes directly to Cancer Research; absolutely no money stops at the top of ACS. My first husband died from the side effects of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma chemotherapy. My second husband has been diagnosed with cancer. We intend to keep our donations going where it is needed.

  26. LARRY SILVIA says:


  27. Juanita Washburn says:

    As a survivor and members of my family who died from cancer or who are fighting cancer right now, I was hurt and shocked when I took my sister in for a followup visit to U of M, only to find out that “there were no funds available” to help her with her many, many costs through her battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
    I ask myself, what happened? I walk in the relay every single year. I donate to the bake sales, I knit scarfs for the winter drive. Then I ask a website one single question. How much actually goes to the people? OMG, the salaries and packages and retirement and the health care bonuses they give themselves off the sweat of my brow and pain of my family. NOT ONE MORE DIME. I am now onto the other charities I give to. Wonder what surprises I will encounter?
    I will share this whole document to all who ask why not?
    Regretfully, Juanita

  28. martin agosto jr. says:

    My name is Martin Agosto Jr. my wife has breast cancer we asked ACS for help and they offered her a wig.are u kidding me or what.then we hear how much money the ceos and their empoyees are wife has no insurance because of a job loss.., I think these big shots should give back to my wife and many other women who are suffering from breast cancer and other related cancers.its the right thing to do,how do these people sleep at nite knowing that somebody might die with a wig on thier head without any other help from the Amrican Cancer Society. M.A.J.

  29. Casey Miller says:

    Dear John,
    For years ago my 20 month old son was diagnosed with cancer, seven months after that i was diagnosed with 4th stage head and neck cancer, my fiancee decided then and there that if we both survived we would do our part to help the ACS. From November 2011 to February 16, 2012 i trained to climb into an octagon to raise money for ACS, on the day of February 16 2012, i was re-diagnosed with my 3rd bout with cancer, my son who was in remission was crushed, he couldn’t figure our why he was ok but dad wasnt. My wife of two days was beyond words my daughter cried for days. I was back to treatment the next week, i stayed in training during. 6 chemo treatments, i fought in the octagon June 2nd 2012 , 650 people attended this event, an event i co- promoted and believed in. My nine person team worked night and day to raise 7,000 dollars. But not this year. You greedy bastards are getting a DIME. Mark my words!!!!!

  30. William Z. Burke III says:

    I concur with the rest on not giving any more money to a charity that spends so much of our dollars on the board members and doles out the leftovers to those in most need. The question is…WHY??? Why do you CEO’s receive so much money for doing so little other than the gift of gab and being an expensive figurehead. Makes me wonder what you did in the first place to be chosen to lead what used to be a wonderful organization that did much for those in need. God save you and forgive you and the other overpaid executives of many other charities. (As for me, I’m working on the forgiveness part.) Charity begins at home so I’ll stick to giving to those in need in my own neighborhood.

  31. Big Al Otter says:

    Everyone in America, if not the world is affected directly or indirectly by this dreaded disease…As evidenced by the above letters, people are aware of the hideously bloated salaries of these low life scammers, but the big question is…are we just a tempest in a teapot or will our elected officials or some others in a position of power have the courage to take steps to right this injustice and put an end to this insanity….write your Congressman and Senator or do like I did and send a letter to ALL of them…perhaps if even one of them will have the guts to tip the sacred cow, ACS, even a little , then it will all be worth our efforts..

  32. Jeff Lawrence says:

    May 17, 2013

    I find it curious that there are public outcries when the CEO of a for-profit corporation earns approximately $1,100 per hour, (assuming 50 work weeks a year, 40 hours per week, which is 137.5 times the current minimum wage), but when the CEO of a non-profit, which relies on volunteer labor and donations, earns that amount, there is hardly a peep. What did the CEO of the American Cancer Society, John Seffrin, do in 2012 that could possibly be worth $2,200,000 to an organization that prides itself on fight against cancer? Seems more like he’s helping himself to a huge salary, donated by a public that is totally unaware that 30¢ of every dollar they donate goes to “overhead”, and of that 30¢, 2.2¢ goes right into John Seffrin’s pocket.

    American Cancer Society raises nearly $1,000,000,000 annually. That means that ACS CEO John Seffrin took home 2.2% of the gross donated income! Since the ACS has a 30% overhead, which in itself is poor money allocation, 7.33% of the overhead goes directly to paying John Seffrin, in addition to his hefty retirement plan. And of course 0% goes to paying the volunteers. I also wonder what some of the other high-ranking ACS executives “earn”.

    John Seffrin is part of the “1%” many people complain about, and literally “earns” it on the volunteerism and donations of the “99%”. The worst possible “1 Percenter”. He gives volunteerism and charitable contributions an awful name.

  33. Kris says:

    I have a son that is a survivor. We began participating in Relay for Life in 1998 just after his chemo was done. My family and all of the people on our Relay teams over the last 10 years have raised over $40,000 for ACS.
    Last year it was brought to my attention the incomes of the higher ups in this company. Also that ACS money does not go to help find a cure.
    I am so disappointed. Disillusioned, disgruntled, dissatisfied, and some other words that do not begin with dis. After seeing these income numbers, my family will NOT participate in Relay again. Our donations will be put to better use elsewhere in another not for profit organization. Isn’t ACS a not for profit organization, Mr. Seffrin? Perhaps you could share some of your wealth with the people trying to find a cure for this ugly disease….unless you need a new Bentley.

  34. Sylvia McDevitt says:

    Well, it fries me that this kind of salary is bestowed on one person, when there is so many people that work very hard and strenuously to contribute to his personal wealth.
    I have been a board chair, past president, and board member for over a decade and my son-in-law is housed at Georgetown Hospital in Washington DC as I write this, battling his Stage 4 cancer. I would love to see this CEO’s salary minimized to a reasonable amount – he seems to be riding his fortune on the back of the disadvantaged, terminally ill, and the dedicated volunteers, like myself, who thought that we were contributing to a worthy cause.
    I am disenchanted and disgusted. Very disappointed in this revelation.
    Sickened doesn’t even come close to my feelings about this…..

  35. ken says:

    I can understand why Cancer still exists. All the Leaders are siphoning all the money. The profit from stocks should go to help Cancer patients not CEO packages. You are a bunch of thieves. How can you jump on top of your old lady’s and bang away know those satin sheets were bought with “stolen ” money. If your family gets Cancer I guess Iknow that they will be well taken care of via skimmed funds.

  36. Denise Thomas says:

    David Veneziano, was always greedy, snobbish and ineffective as a leader. I am shocked and appalled that he has risen this far in this organization, I worked with him years ago and hated it. He was never for the cause and always out for himself. I will never give a dime to ACS.

  37. Jan says:

    Do you seriously think these people want to announce that there’s a cure? My nephew learned in college that they know how to stop cancer, but it will never be used or announced. Think about it. How many people would lose their job? Do you think places like ACS want to shut down? They, as well as many other corporations, are making WAY TOO Much money to “find a cure” It’s quite sad.

  38. Gerald says:

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  39. bobby g says:

    i for one have stopped giving to your’s and other helping society’s —- your’s the Susan G. Coleman, the Red Cross
    and other so called helping societies well i guess you’re correct they are helping societies your helping yourslef’s to
    mega dollars and giving pennies on the dollar to people in need I know you and your kind started out with good intentions
    but the kick back was to much membership’s to golf course’s flying first class and your homes well i just hope people see
    through your B.S. and the other humanitarian’s

  40. cindy says:

    fuck you john s

  41. birch please says:

    The question really is are they worth that kind of money. Despite people’s knee jerk reactions to these salaries the ACS could very well be paying far less for this level of talent at the CO level. Are they worth the salary and are the people who donate getting the best talent for their money? If you were to get a CO for $100-200k a year would the organization actually be less efficient and loose more of the donors’ money? Do not underestimate the power of good leadership!

  42. Patty says:

    Paid workers need to have a heart that strives to help afflicted people and get the most money they possibly can toward this purpose. If they want to be paid a fabulous salary and benefits they should find a job doing something else that does not involve dedicated volunteers making the money for them. My husband died from pancreatic cancer this year and my daughter is fighting multiple myeloma. I will never again donate time or money to ACS.

  43. You should be ashamed of your outrageously high salaries says:

    American cancer is always begging for money. And look at these outrageously high CEO salaries. You should be ashamed

  44. Barbara says:

    I have been making donations to American Cancer Society. Then I got busy and received numerous reminders of Annual Fund Drive notices, reminding me to “Please Give Generously” signed by David F. Veneziano, Executive Vice President of California Division.

    I decided to look up compensation for these leaders at this organization and I am shocked. How many donors of $300 per Annual Fund Drive would make up the amount to pay for salary of ONE executive each year?

    By all means, American Cancer Society is not alone. Other non profit organizations are the same. I stopped giving to United Way, American Red Cross as well.

  45. Horton Edward says:

    How dare you even show your face. You and your cronies should all be put in an institution somewhere and have the key disappear . And if this comment is posted, why don’t all of you contributors take the money you would have given and send it to St Jude the people who really use it for the children suffering, and never ask a dime for services rendered. Check it out.

  46. zanlalit says:

    Always check the sponsors of any charity. Review ACS website for partners. There are several pharmaceutical companies listed. How can ACS operate objectively? I agree with many who have indicated frustration with high salaries paid to CEO and other officers. They are not the worker/producer., instead they are parasites. I really do not know, how they sleep at night.
    This is a shame.

    The same goes for American Diabetic Society. Review the sponsors and you will find meat and fish packagers, fast food companies. Is this healthy eating?

    We need to educate of young generation more on these cheaters.

    I strongly suggest, you give directly to local schools, senior centers or others deserving entity.