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DeKalb school board tables discussion of ethics code


<p>Eugene Walker</p>

Eugene Walker


Dec. 8, 2009 — A combative Eugene Walker on Monday talked the DeKalb County school board into holding off on discussing a proposed ethics code for board members.

Walker, a former state senator, took a shot at state Rep. Kevin Levitas in doing so. Levitas last month proposed a state law giving the DeKalb board “a clear set of principles” to follow.

“It baffles me to no end,” Walker said, “that because a legislator really of no standing is saying he wants to pass an ethics bill against the DeKalb school board, this board is going to get upset and act on it.”

At Walker’s request, the board tabled consideration of a six-page code of ethics before school board attorney Judy O’Brien even had a chance to make her presentation on it. Approval of the code could pre-empt Levitas from pursuing his own ethics proposal with other state legislators.

Walker said any ethics proposal should be reviewed by the proper board committee and consultants before the full board gets a crack at it.

Levitas’ bill, Walker said, should be ignored.

“We oughta throw it in the trash,” he said. “I don’t want to hear anything about it.”

A 5-4 board majority — Walker, Jay Cunningham, Zepora Roberts, Sarah Copelin-Wood and Jim Redovian — voted Monday to table the board’s own ethics proposal.

Levitas said his proposal came as a response to a situation this year in which Walker, as chairman of the DeKalb Development Authority, was prepared to vote on tax incentives requested by an Atlanta developer. The plan would have exempted Sembler Co. from paying 20 years of property taxes on portions of its planned Town/Brookhaven mixed-use development.

Sembler interests donated more than $20,000 to Walker’s 2008 campaign for the school board post. Walker delayed disclosing virtually all of the money on campaign finance reports until he had won a Dec. 2 election runoff.

Walker resigned from the authority after growing criticism of the contributions and of his dual role sitting on both the school board and the authority’s board.





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8 Responses to “DeKalb school board tables discussion of ethics code”

  1. Justice In DeKalb says:

    It is absolutely no surprise that the DCSS BOE voted to table the Ethic Code proposal ….Why, this would mean that they would have to pack their bags and close up shop!!! It is too bad that the educational needs of the voiceless and powerless students of DeKalb County never seems to be at the forefront of their agenda.

    How on Earth can the governing board of an educational institue teach the students about character, morals, ethics when they themselves are lacking and unwilling to reform.

    For DeKalb County School Systems to recover a couple of things should happen immediately –

    ►PATRICIA ANN REID POPE (and her husband ANTHONY VINCENT POPE – The Architect) should be FIRED immediately and forced to pay back(and her husband – The Architect) all of the SPLOST III monies that she contracted to her cronies! Mrs. Reid-Pope should be forced to pay restitution to all of the DCSS employees that she was instrumental in illegally terminating! (How about a Class Action Law Suit???) Then she should be carted off to jail and forced to serve 1 year per Million Dollars that she squandered away!

    ►The Good Ole’ Double Dipping Unethical Senator – RONALD BERNARD RAMSEY – should be FIRED immediately as DCSS Director of Internal Affairs, AND he should be recalled from his State Senates position! These “Cronies” are running the school district into the ground and chasing away valuable business. Believe me when I say that their days are indeed numbered!

    ►Gwen Keyes Flemings – DeKalb County’s District Attorney – RECALLED!

    ►Crawford Lewis (Dr. of Deceit) FIRED!

    ►Robert Moseley FIRED!

    ►Josie Alexander (DCSS Staff Attorney) FIRED!

    ► Eugene Walker should be RECALLED!

    ►Jay Cunningham should be RECALLED!

    ►Zepora Roberts should be RECALLED!

    ►Sarah Copelin Woods should be RECALLED!

    ►Jim Redovian should be RECALLED!

    ►Thomas E. Bowen RECALLED!

    ►Pamela Speaks RECALLED (guilty by association)!

    ►Don McChesney RECALLED (guilty by association)!

    ►H Paul Womack RECALLED (guilty by association)!

  2. Cerebration says:

    Excuse me, but did Gene Walker actually say that Kevin Levitas’ ethics bill “offended” him? Oh my.

    I did see Walker’s rant – he was very, very upset, which clearly indicates that Kevin is on the right track.

    I also saw his friend, John Evans as a public commenter state that “there is race in this place”. Once again, colluding with Walker to bring a racial divide into the school system. How very interesting that they think there could be a racial divide in a system that is a vast majority African-American – in it’s students and it’s leaders.

  3. Justice In DeKalb says:

    PART 1

    Yes, our Dear Ole’ Mr. Gene Walker was offended and was justifiably upset. As for the “racial divide”? Well, please excuse me for pointing out the obvious fact that there is, indeed, a seemingly racial divide within DeKalb County. The color is MONEY GREEN- (not Black nor White) and they (POPE’S, RAMSEY, WALKER, LEWIS, et al) are fighting and hanging on for dear life to keep this racial divide (MONEY GREEN) swayed to their side. Has absolutely nothing to do with Education or legitimately making AYP as a DCSS district!

    Seriously, though, the “race card” being played in DeKalb County is offensive, pathetic, and insulting. Eugene Walker, Ronald Ramsey, Patricia & Vincent Pope, Crawford Lewis, Josie Alexander, Gwen Keyes Fleming are all of the African American persuasion. The majority of the student population in DCSS is of the African American persuasion. Thus, the nefarious/criminal/unethical/immoral activity that these individuals are possibly doing is AGAINST their own race. If these allegations are proven to be true (hate to lament…but I havveeeee thhhheee documentsss to prove it!) then these Miserable Miscreant Individuals are snatching the future right from underneath the DCSS students. How absolutely hideous is that???!!! Without a good solid education, how on Earth will these students successfully move on to college and then on to society? How many of these potentially un-educated or mis-educated students will end up in our penal system? Let’s look at the Atherton Elementary School CRCT scandal for a moment, shall we?

    This excerpt is from the AJC article, Ga. School official resigns amid cheating probe June 12, 2009 – by Dorie Turner (Associated Press Writer) –
    ATLANTA — A suburban Atlanta elementary school principal has resigned and the assistant principal has been reassigned because they changed answers on fifth-grade standardized tests to improve scores and help the school meet federal achievement standards, officials said Thursday.

    An investigation determined Atherton Elementary principal James Berry and assistant principal Doretha Alexander had altered answers on last summer’s state math tests, said DeKalb Schools Chief Deputy Superintendent Robert Moseley. The state said Wednesday that scores at four schools in different districts had been changed.

    The higher scores helped the schools make “adequate yearly progress” and avoid penalties under federal No Child Left Behind standards, said Kathleen Mathers, head of the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement.

    An analysis of the answer sheets show up to 40 erasures on some tests, compared with the average of two per student on tests that were not altered, Mathers said. Students would not have been able to complete the tests and change that many answers, she said. State officials said no students are under suspicion.

    “We don’t think kids cheated,” Mathers said. “We think kids got cheated.”
    What, Oh, What are these innocent, voiceless, powerless children going to do when they are not prepared to compete on a state level, a national level, let alone a global level?
    Yes, Yes, My Dear Friend Cerebration, Racial Divide is indeed an issue. The color of the Racial Divide is what I take exception to. Money Green! Remember, Money Green!

  4. Laughing at Gene says:

    Hey Gene, you’re good buddy John Evans is a convicted felon for bribery. Between Mel Sembler, Jeff Fuqua, the sleaziest of sleaze Angelo Fuster and John Evans, you sure have a nice group of friends Gene.

  5. CostaJulieDec says:

    hi everyone,
    It feels really nice to be part of this special community. Anyone from Amsterdam here?

  6. Drummer_JDavies says:

    Is it ok to post a link to this site from mine? My blog url is


  7. Jim Walls says:

    Please do, Drummer_JDavies. The more, the merrier.

  8. Kelly Matthews says:

    Not surprising considering Mel Sembler was involved. He’s a fraud and a childe abuser. Just Google Mel Sembler and The Seed or Mel Sembler and Straight Inc.