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‘Delinquent dozen’ GA legislators still haven’t filed disclosures


A dozen Georgia legislators still haven’t filed financial disclosure statements for 2008 as required by state law, according to State Ethics Commission records.

roger bruceFour of them haven’t filed disclosures for 2007 either, meaning the public has had no clue about their financial interests for nearly two and a half years. They are Reps. Roger Bruce of Atlanta, Winfred Dukes of Albany, Henry “Wayne” Howard of Augusta and David Lucas of Macon.

All 12 are Democrats.

The “delinquent dozen” soon may be joined by several others. Former legislators Ron Dodson, elected last month, and Donzella James, who is in today’s runoff election, haven’t filed disclosure statements that were due in September. (James’ opponent, Torrey Johnson, hasn’t either.) Nor have Rusty Kidd or Darrell Black, the top two vote-getters in a House race in the Milledgeville area. One will win today’s runoff.

As a practical matter, there’s not much of a penalty for failing to file a disclosure statement. The Ethics Commission routinely assesses a late fee of $75, but makes little effort to collect it.

Georgia law requires elected officials once a year to file a public statement summarizing their financial interests and those of their spouses. What’s the point? The reports give constituents basic information to help them figure out whether an official’s public and private interests conflict.

clay coxEarlier this year, for instance, Rep. Clay Cox of Lilburn filed a bill to change oversight rules for private probation firms. Cox’s disclosure showed he was CEO of Professional Probation Services Inc. Reporting by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution showed Cox’s business had run afoul of the County and Municipal Probation Authority Council for writing contracts that didn’t meet state guidelines.

Cox dropped the bill after the AJC broke the story.

The law requires elected officials by July 1 to file a disclosure report of financial interests for the previous year. Candidates must file within 15 days of qualifying to run for an elected office.

Three legislators filed delinquent reports since the last time we checked: Sen. Dan Weber of Dunwoody (Sept. 23), Sen. Curt Thompson of Tucker (Oct. 24) and Rep. Keith Heard of Athens (Nov. 3). You can look them up, and those of hundreds of other state officials, here.

Legislators who haven’t filed 2008 reports are:

State Senate:
Valencia Seay (D-Riverdale)
Steve Thompson (D-Marietta)

State House of Representatives:

Roger Bruce (D-Atlanta)
Bob Bryant (D-Garden City)
Winfred Dukes (D-Albany)
Carol Fullerton (D-Albany)
Henry “Wayne” Howard (D-Augusta)
Sheila Jones (D-Atlanta)
David Lucas (D-Macon)
William Quincy Murphy (D-Augusta)
Jay Shaw (D-Lakeland)
Al Williams (D-Midway)





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5 Responses to “‘Delinquent dozen’ GA legislators still haven’t filed disclosures”

  1. Bill Bentz says:

    What a surprise: a Democrat sweep. Thanks for your diligent work! I love your web site, which was recommended to me.

  2. Torrey O Johnson says:

    When this article was written I had in fact filed. This article is therefore incorrect! Please go to the secretary of state’s website and you will clearly see that my campaign had filed our disclosure report before the election day giving voters time to see who was financing my campaign efforts.

  3. Jim Walls says:

    Actually, this article is not about your campaign disclosure, Mr. Johnson. It’s about your personal financial disclosure, which discloses property that you own, businesses that you might be involved with, and other financial interests. This report is filed with the State Ethics Commission, which currently shows that you have not filed it.

    You can see for yourself at this URL:

  4. Roger Bruce says:

    I am up to date on all of my reports please check your sources. I also think you should at least contact us before publishing these stories. Most of us are working very hard to serve our communities and stories like this without hearing or knowing the rest of hhe story is very misleading

  5. Jim Walls says:

    Mr. Bruce,
    I posted this story Dec. 1. You filed your 2008 disclosure on Dec. 23, which was five months late. Your 2007 disclosure was filed on the same day, which was 17 months late.