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Ex-Rep. Charles A. Thomas Jr.: 6 years in prison


The Georgia Supreme Court accepted Charles A. Thomas Jr.’s surrender of his law license today. Maybe he can be a “jailhouse lawyer” while he’s serving his six-year prison sentence for theft and forgery.

Thomas, a member of the Georgia House from 1979 through 1994, sold title insurance for Stewart Title Guaranty Co. until losing that privilege in 2004. Since then, Thomas continued to offer title insurance to clients, forging the policies and collecting the premiums for himself.

A Carroll County grand jury indicted Thomas last year on 57 counts of theft by taking and forgery, including 11 felony charges. A few months earlier, he had stepped down from a long-standing gig as city attorney of Temple. The Carroll County Board of Education also fired him a few months before the indictment.

Thomas pleaded guilty and was sentenced in September to six years in prison.

Former House colleague Wayne Garner, now mayor of nearby Carrollton, testified on Thomas’ behalf at a sentencing hearing. He told the Carrollton Times-Georgian afterward:

“C.A. has been a wonderful friend and has provided a lot of good service to the community. I deeply regret what has happened. Everyone was shocked and saddened but I can still speak about the way he treated me as a friend. I think he was just in a difficult state of affairs and didn’t know which way to turn.”

District Attorney Pete Skandalakis said Thomas had paid $200,000 toward resolving the claims and owed another $78,000, the Times-Georgian reported.





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3 Responses to “Ex-Rep. Charles A. Thomas Jr.: 6 years in prison”

  1. Montana says:

    Forget an honest job. I think it’s easier to make a living by theft and cheating. For all those who get caught, how many don’t?

  2. Msutton says:

    This man was the opposing sides attorney in two custody case I was involved in. This makes me wonder about the out come of my case. Perhaps he was not the only on stealing. I think it’s worth investigating!

  3. Ron Mayhew says:

    I wonder why Enota Judicial Circuit District Attorney Stanley Gunter hasn’t been called on to answer for selling fake title insurance policies when he was a practicing attorney doing closings for United Community Bank.
    One FBI agent called that “politics, the good ole boy system”.