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Guy F. Riekeman, Life U. president: $753,106


guy riekemanGuy Riekeman made a healthy $318,038 in 2005-06 as president of Life University. But he’s done even better for himself since then at the chiropractic college in Marietta, earning more than three-quarters of a million dollars in 2007-08, tax records show.

That made him the second-highest paid private college president in Georgia that year, behind only James Wagner at Emory University, according to new rankings published Sunday in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Riekeman also broke into the top 50 nationally for the second year in a row, the rankings show.

The Chronicle’s Web site says only subscribers may view their annual survey of university pay. But I was able to access the information for free through The New York Times.





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5 Responses to “Guy F. Riekeman, Life U. president: $753,106”

  1. Dustin says:

    Why does it matter what the president of a private university makes? Or any private institution? I must be missing the point of doing this…can someone please enlighten me on the purpose of disclosing this information?

  2. Jim Walls says:

    It’s a TAX EXEMPT, non-profit private university, which means you and I support Mr. Riekeman’s salary (and many thousands of others like his) by having to pay more taxes of our own. Many people think profiting from a non-profit is a no-no. Sometimes even the IRS.

  3. DJ says:

    Here, here, Jim. In fact, the amount of “private enterprise” that is subsidized by our tax dollars in so many ways makes the “less government/free market” wonks look downright criminal when you think about it. A lot of the “cheap stuff” we have access to in our privileged first-world culture is subsidized by tax policy and direct give-aways to for-profit (and apparently “non-profit”) companies. Maybe that stuff isn’t so cheap after all, and maybe it is not so draconian to require organizations that get non-profit status (or ANY significant government money/policy benefits) actually adhere to some (gasp) rules. Basic economics (you know – that mythical ‘free market’) would probably show that there is no way Life U could pay Riekeman that kind of money if they actually had to pay taxes, too.

  4. Michelle Bowers says:

    I just wonder why some have the time to spend writing negative things on the internet. I believe that everyone should focus on the positive! Do you know what Guy Riekeman has done for Life University? Do you know what a tremendous job this guy has done? More than I would have time to write! But I do plan on writing it somewhere important so that the world hears more positive!

  5. profling says:

    Too bad the Life wealth isn’t shared with adjuncts. I for one am ready to go on welfare.