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DK schools replacing Pat Pope as SPLOST construction manager


pat popePatricia Pope, DeKalb County schools’ embattled chief operations officer, is officially out as the district’s construction manager, at least temporarily.

Officials have insisted Pope is still the system’s COO even as District Attorney Gwen Keyes-Fleming has ramped up a criminal investigation of school construction programs. Search warrants were served Oct. 14 at Pope’s office and at the home and business of her husband, architect Vincent Pope, who has designed a number of DeKalb school projects.

Pope may still be COO, but a new interim operations officer for construction, Barbara Colman, is named in a proposal to be presented tonight to the DeKalb Board of Education. Colman’s employer, Parsons Commercial Technology Group, won a contract along with Jacobs Project Management Co. in June to provide “supplemental” management of construction and renovation projects.

School officials have declined to respond to reports on the DeKalb School Watch blog that Superintendent Crawford Lewis had relieved Pope of her duties.

Those reports said Pope was told of the move Oct. 22. That same day, records show, a letter was written giving Parsons a supervisory role over Jacobs in the construction management job.

Colman will report to deputy superintendent Ramona Tyson.  Colman’s relationship with Pope’s construction management team is uncertain.

The cost will be substantial, however. The school board will be asked tonight to pay a team of 26 Jacobs and Parsons workers $644,150 to oversee projects through Dec. 11. Projected at that rate, the work would cost DeKalb schools more than $5.5 million over 52 weeks.

The top monthly compensation rates under the contract are $24,000 for Colman’s services; $25,115 for program executive W. Bruce Carminati; $27,951 for design manager Carlton Parker; $24,000 for senior project manager George Lentz; and $22,000 for construction manager Chuck Herman.

Pope earns an annual salary of $198,760 under an employment contract that runs through June 2010.





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7 Responses to “DK schools replacing Pat Pope as SPLOST construction manager”

  1. Man about Town says:

    ’bout time they dumped Pope!

  2. What is going on? says:

    The school system has spent over $14 million suing Herry-Mitchell about SPLOST construction oversight. Now Superintendent Crawford Lewis wants to spend huge amounts to Jacobs/Parsons for SPLOST oversight? $288,000 for Barbara Colman? What is going on here? Lewis has been with the school system for well over three decades, and needs to retire now, before he causes any more damage.

  3. Truth will prevail says:

    Pat Pope was one of the few voices of reason in DCSS. The projects she led were under budget and on schedule. She will be missed.

  4. What is going on? says:

    $24,000 for Colman’s services; $25,115 for program executive W. Bruce Carminati; $27,951 for design manager Carlton Parker; $24,000 for senior project manager George Lentz; and $22,000 for construction manager Chuck Herman.

    Unless Colman, Carminati, Parker, Lentz and Herman are working seven days a week, they will all be getting paid $1,000 per day while Pat Pope is paid through mid next year. What Crawford Lewis has done to the DeKalb County School System is graceful. There is plenty of money for DCSS between property taxes and SPLOST, but under Lewis, is goes to administrative bloat, ridiculous fad curriculum programs, wasteful software, and other idiotic programs, instead fo going into the classroom.

  5. Know your facts says:

    Do your homework…DCSS has always used supplemental support in its construction program…even under POPE. DCSS under POPE has paid Parsons, Gude (Pope’s good buddy) and other firms very nice sums to provide qualified project managers to DCSS. This is nothing new.

    Thank GOD Pope is finally being dealt with. I wonder what made Lewis finally take action…was he finally under fire?

  6. Mr. Thomas Anthony "The Taxman Cometh" Jones, SR says:

    First, thing is we are all Innconet until proven guilty. That is true in all situation except in Income Tax Law. Their you prioven your innocent to the United States’ Department of Treasury’s Internal Revenue Service and the State of Georgia Depaprtment of Revenue’ Income tax Division. Given all the smoke coming up at the DeKalb County Board of Education. I am advising that Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Pope and all the DeKalb County Board of Education members and all Mr. Crawford Lewis all much hated superintendent to go ahead and release all theiur income tax returns for the last seven years.
    This will clear the air for the Popes, Lewis, and our Board members. We can then print their federal and state Income in the Atlanta jornal-Constitution and put them on the internetso that everyone can see how honest our public officials are. I am sure we all agree with this idea to clear the air. Thank you for your kind consideration of my idea.

  7. Mr. Thomas Anthony "The Taxman Cometh" Jones, SR says:

    First thing, we are all Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and by a jury of our peers. That is true in situations except in the arena of Incoem tax Law. There you are guilty until proven innocent. The judge, jury, and executioner are the United States Department of Treasury’ Intennal Revenue Service agency, and the State of Georgia Department of Revenue’s Income tax Division.
    Given the apparent of malfeascene at the DeKalb County Board oEducation, may I humbley suggest to all involved including Mr. & Mrs. Vinect and Patricia Pope owners of Vincent Pope, Inc. the rich architecture firm, the school board members especially the five closet Republicans on the school board and Mr. Crawford Lewis our much hated and despised School Superintendent simply release their United States of American Internal Revenue Service and their State of Georgia Depaprtmen of Revenue Income TaxDivision Incoem Tax Forms for the last sever years (2003/2008) so they can be printed in the newpaper and all the citizens of DeKalb County can see if our public officials are honest or not.
    Thank you for accepting my Income Tax idea and have a good day.