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Pennington takes blame for 2006 Johnston shooting — or does he?

Pennington takes blame for 2006 Johnston shooting -- or does he?
November 30, 2009 --

One week ago, Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington apologized and shouldered the blame for the 2006 shooting death of Kathryn Johnston: “I take full responsibility for what happened.” But not so much in court. Detectives claim arrest quotas pressured them to cut corners in drug investigations. Pennington testified the department had performance standards, but no quotas. And he can’t be blamed, city attorneys contend, “for the illegal actions of a few rogue officers.”

Nov. 29

November 29, 2009 --

Donations to PerduePAC raise fund-raising ethics questions Georgia banks expect more scrutiny of pay, perks Lawsuit says lender overcharged vendors With no place to stay, he may go to prison

Nov. 27

November 27, 2009 --

Why license librarians? Some regulation called outdated

Nov. 26

November 26, 2009 --

Poverty in Augusta: A two-day report Waiting time for Dept. of Driver Services has doubled Perdue to move dirt dredged from Lake Jackson boat slip Chiropractor pair accused of fraud settle on work plan Feds propose $128K fine for Macon cement plant after worker’s death State settles fatal trooper wreck

Nov. 25

November 25, 2009 --

Chapman: Cancel pact with Jekyll developer New Recorders Court judge? Not so fast, DeKalb commissioner says 75 people surrender improper Clayton badges Savannahian pushes for better monitoring of halfway house felons

No turkey & gravy for some: Ga. drops to 4th worst in hunger ranking

No turkey & gravy for some: Ga. drops to 4th worst in hunger ranking
November 25, 2009 --

As families gather for Thanksgiving, we should consider that in just a decade Georgia has deteriorated from average (ranking 22nd) to 4th highest for food insecurity in the nation. One in seven Georgia households experienced food insecurity during 2006-2008, according to the USDA. These sobering numbers highlight the importance of focusing solutions on combating hunger and poverty in our communities.

Nov. 24

November 24, 2009 --

Lawyers’, underwriters’ fees questioned for Douglas Co. school bonds Lawyer, insurer penalized for bringing appeal Pennington apologizes for Johnston slaying, says hurt lingers OSHA fines horse-bedding maker after part of worker’s feet cut off Bill takes aim at lottery bonuses

Nov. 23

November 23, 2009 --

Too few officers, too many crimes State won’t name recipient of $2 million sales tax refund

2 DeKalb court officials sentenced in extortion scheme

November 23, 2009 --

Two former DeKalb County court officials will serve more than two years in federal prison for fixing criminal charges in exchange for cash. Probation officer Natalie Nicole Dunn and Keith L. Hughes, coordinator of DeKalb’s Office of Pretrial Services, were sentenced today for asking a drug defendant for a $25,000 payoff to get the charges dismissed. Read the news release …

MARTA close to resolving conflict issue over senator’s job

MARTA close to resolving conflict issue over senator's job
November 23, 2009 --

No vote has been taken, but MARTA appears close to signing off on state Sen. Doug Stoner‘s job with a key contractor, the engineering firm of PBS&J. Several MARTA officials say there’s no conflict, because PBS&J got the contract before it hired Stoner, who serves on the Legislature’s MARTA Oversight Committee.

Nov. 22

November 22, 2009 --

Calling 911, but where are police? State diverts millions in fees from tire landfill cleanup

Nov. 21

November 21, 2009 --

Grady Hospital falters as refuge for illegal immigrants New state water lawyer to make $855 an hour